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About Me


My name is David Doucette. I've been writing since the end of 2014, and have published over 80 articles online, as well as 2 books. One was a self-published venture, and the other was through Flame Tree Publishing.

I'm a full-time graphic designer, and love to learn about new marketing trends, SEO, and more. I enjoy hiking, fishing and homebrewing.

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My Writing Samples

Decreasing Your Bounce Rate and How it Will Improve Your Site

It's well-known that high bounce rates are generally bad. But,how do you lower it, and how will it improve your bottom line?


Publii, the Open Source CMS Review

I took Publii, one of the newest up and coming free website builders for a spin to see how it worked and what it brings to the table compared to what’s available today.


Pico Launches New Z-Series

This is an overview of the new Pico Z series. It covers the features and benefits as well as pros and cons.


All Grain Brewing, Simplified

This article takes complicated aspects of the all grain brewing method and breaks them down to easy to understand terms and processes.


Cloudy with a Chance of Hops, Discussing the Haze Craze

This article covers the new (at the time) New England Style IPA beer style. It goes over each component of the brewing process when it comes to this style, as well as a bit of history on the subject.




Leveraged XYZ Ventures (Budweiser) buyout of Northern Brewer (Homebrew Supply competitor) to grow readership and potential sales. Curated articles from over 250 writers for HomebrewTalk.com , BrewersFriend.com, and HomebrewSupply.com. Edited article submissions for quality, accuracy, and grammar. Wrote articles the sites as needed.

Company: Cultured Media

I worked there from 2/2016 until 5/2018

Graphic Designer

Received written recognition for delivering high quality work under tight deadlines. Re-designed web pages for all Tender Corporation’s brands. Designed packaging for a Walgreens medical kit, and several other Tender Corporation brands. Created marketing materials for Zika Virus awareness on a very short schedule.

Company: Tender Corporation

I worked there from 11/2014 until now

Production Artist

Created a new logo for the Referral Program, which is used in promotions reaching over 300,000 households. Responsible for the consistency and design of multiple trip’s promotional materials such as catalogs and self mailers according to current offers and branding.

Company: Grand Circle Travel

I worked there from 12/2011 until 9/2014

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