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Political Risk Assessment

About Me

Scholar, author, teacher, analyst, consultant. Write books and articles, design and teach college level courses, provide country and industry specific political risk and macroeconomic analysis.

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

The Obvious Question: What Does Russia Want?

Russia's rearmament and increasingly assertive international stance in pursuit of long-term geopolitical interests (article co-authored)


Why America's Nuclear Aircraft Carriers Need a Mission Adjustment

Challenges to US maritime strategy include rapid proliferation of modern anti-ship cruise missiles. The new weapon systems tend to be compatible with relatively cheap and unsophisticated platforms thus making them available to the countries with relatively small naval budgets. The threat can be reduced by organizational changes of US carrier groups. (article co-authored)


Miscellaneous reports for the EIU and OA

While I have written many reports for the Economist Intelligence Unit and Oxford Analytica, these organizations do not publish authors' names. i do have a portfolio of my work and samples will be provided upon request.

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The company provides industry-specific, regionally focused political risk analysis. Our regional speciality is the post-Soviet space, including Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and Eastern Europe. We monitor political developments in the region, identify potential scenarios which may have impact on supply of hydrocarbons, assess their probability in short and medium term, and present our findings in weekly publications. The EEC publishes one short weekly newsletter, one long weekly newslette

Company: Eurasia Energy Cosultants, LLC

I worked there from 2/2015 until now

Senior Lecturer

Teach courses in Economy and Society, Sociology of Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations, War and Society, Social Theory

Company: Rhode Island School of Design

I worked there from 1/2005 until now

Contributing writer

Write reports and articles on Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Moldova

Company: Economist Intelligence Unit

I worked there from 6/1998 until 6/2018

Contributing writer

Write country briefs on Central Europe and post-Soviet space

Company: Oxford Analytica

I worked there from 1/2011 until 1/2018

Content I Write