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Experienced freelance writer and marketing consultant with a demonstrated history of working with nonprofit organizations. Experienced copywriter, blogger, journalist, social media marketer, graphic designer, and photographer. Degree in Communications from Tulane University and MBA from Southern Illinois University.

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Focus – The One Thing That Will Ensure You Raise More This Year

Nonprofit leadership often means taking on the world, including attempting to solve every tiny problem along the way. While it may seem like each solution is a step toward reaching your organization’s ultimate mission, this do-it-all approach may actually be hurting your nonprofit.


Role of Marketing on Economic Development

Economic development, the process by which a country improves the well-being of its citizens through political or economic means, is influenced by a variety of factors, including marketing. The term is often confused with economic growth, which refers to an increase in the ability of an economy to produce goods or services over time. In fact, economic growth is only one important factor in the economic growth of a region.


How To Make Your Year-End Communications Stand Out Above The Noise

According to Charity Navigator, 31 percent of annual giving occurred in the month of December last year and donations made on Giving Tuesday rose 148 percent. As these statistics demonstrate, successful year-end communication is essential to many nonprofit organizations.


Stockholder Theory Vs. Stakeholder Theory

There is a longstanding debate among business analysts as to the business and social responsibilities of corporations. While some believe businesses should focus their efforts on the corporation’s profits, others believe that corporations have an ethical responsibility to the environment in which it operates. Stockholder theory and stakeholder theory map out these two paths, allowing each business to decide which ethical path it will choose to take.


Take a Quest off the Beaten Path in Southern Illinois

From a cabin in the woods full of taxidermy to a Swedish barn in the middle of wine country, these four southern Illinois restaurants definitely reside outside city limits. But while these destination eateries may require a short road trip, they're definitely worth the drive.


Top Five Places for Outdoor Adventure in Southern Illinois

The most adventurous parts of southern Illinois reside in nature, which is why thrill seekers in the area travel off the beaten path to these five outdoor locales. Whether you're climbing enormous rock formations or flying above the forest, your southern Illinois adventure awaits.


5 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Content Marketing Strategy

Traditional marketing definitely has its place in real estate, but to successfully market your real estate business, content marketing should be part of your plan. Content marketing is a strategic approach to marketing that involves creating and sharing relevant and valuable content to attract and retain clients. Realtors can benefit from real estate content marketing by noticing increased sales, saving money in your marketing budget, and gaining more loyal customers.




Emily Hunsaker Creative a consulting firm focused on enhancing the marketing capabilities of non-profit organizations, bloggers, and small businesses -- www.emilyhunsakercreative.com. My time as a freelance writer and marketing consultant has allowed me to gain experience in a variety of niches. In addition to working as a freelance reporter for several area newspapers, I also provide blog copy to luxury realtors, travel bloggers, and an online fundraising company. Additionally, I own and operate two websites where I blog about a wide array of topics, ranging from DIY instructional posts to articles on business and marketing subjects.

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