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Science and technology writer

About Me

I am Refaat Aitta, an experienced writer in various fields, but mainly concentrating on the natural sciences, technology, and philosophy. I have a deep passion for science, philosophy, and aesthetics. And from that passion comes my passion for writing. I have been writing articles on online websites, and I have been also writing on general topics (health, history, reviews, etc.) as a freelance writer for different freelancing websites.

Industries I Write About

Science & Medicine

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Human consciousness could be quantum mechanical after all

Scientists have been proposing that consciousness is a fundamental quantum mechanical phenomenon


We could be ''Knowing by heart,' scientists say

Recently scientists have been performing experiments on people to test whether the heart plays a role in human thinking and cognition


Empirical evidence for the existence of the mysterious ''dark matter''

Scientists have discovered evidence that the mysterious invisible dark matter which form about 84.4% of total mass of the universe exists.


A brand new mechanism discovered in the human brain

Scientists have discovered new ways in which neurons connect with each other in the brain.


Bacteria can control genes for a specific purpose

Researchers at the Hebrew University have discovered a key mystery about bacteria that has puzzled biologists for a long time.


Scientists are closer than ever in creating free energy source for everyone

Scientists have figured out a way to make energy collecting ''glass'' that could be built anywhere


Physicists discover way to detect 'ancient' gravitational waves

A team of physicists at the University of Basel have discovered a way to see through the ancient history of the universe


Scientists discover the oldest 'penguin' fossil

Scientists have discovered a penguin fossil that could modify our knowledge of penguin evolution.


A new kind of black hole discovered at a center of a distant star cluster

Scientists have discovered a missing black hole 13,000 light years away from earth.


A new ''meta-material'' invented that could make an audio ''hot spot''

Researchers have invented a new meta-material that could manipulate and shape sound waves.


New electrical ''wire like'' function discovered in DNA

Scientists have discovered that proteins transfer electrons along DNA to replicate it.


A vitamin found to 'stop' the aging of organs

Researchers have discovered that ''old'' mice are much healthier when fed with a specific vitamin


OLYMPUS experiment revealed a subatomic secret

An experiment has demonstrated that two photons instead of one result in electron-proton collision.


Scientists created 3D printed blood vessels

Scientists have invented artificial blood vessels network that worked successfully on rats


Study finds women feel pain more than men

Researchers have found that female brains are more active than males while in pain


A theoretical quasiparticle is now confirmed to exist

Scientists have demonstrated that multiple experiments show evidence for a theoretical quasiparticle


Oldest life form discovered that casts doubts on all origin of life theories

Scientists have discovered the oldest evidence for life that makes life happened almost instantly on earth


Scientists have made a built-in capacitor inside a flower

Scientists came up with a clever way to make a supercapacitor inside a plant


A jawbone of an ancient primate discovered in India

A newly discovered jawbone of an ancient primate changes our perspective of the history of primates


A new blood test is done by ''light''

A scientist has invented a life saving blood test using 'optical fibers'


Physicists discover dark matter through a super computer

Physicists have been tracking dark matter using a powerful super computer


Scientists discover new chlamydia drug targets by stem cells

Scientists develop a new technique to study the interactions of chlamydia in the human immune system.


A molecular black hole created by a laser beam

Physicists have discovered a phenomenon caused by laser pulse very similar to the concept of a black hole


Solving systems of equations using quantum theory

Physicists have used new ''quantum'' methods to solve a system of linear equations.


A new common cure for ALS and SMA

Scientists have come up with a cure for the cells that are affected by spinal muscular antrophy (SMA).


Scientists use computers to build magnetic materials

Using computational models, scientists were able to build materials atom by atom.


A new measurement that further confirms modern physics

A measurement of a rare meson decay confirms the prediction of the standard model.


Termites imitate footsteps of ants and tiptoe to escape predators

Scientists found that termites bang their heads to mimic the sound of ant footsteps.


fMRI scans for dogs brains help identify best service dogs

Scanning the brains of dogs helped scientists identify the fittest dogs in assisting disabled people.


We could die of leukemia on the way to mars

Scientists say that people could die of leukemia from deep space radiation.


Scientist invents the most efficient battery so far

A 94 years old scientist invent a fast charging, non-combusting battery


Weird solar activity that took place 7,000 years ago

Analysis of ancient trees show that the sun had weird behavior about 7,000 years ago.


Scientists design artificial trees that provide energy

New artificial trees that generate electricity through the movement of leaves



Freelance writer

I have been a freelance writer at blastingnews for about a year.

Company: blastingnews

I worked there from 2/2017 until 1/2018

Freelance writer

I am a new freelance writer at copypress.

Company: Copypress

I worked there from 5/2018 until now

Translator, writer

I have been working as a translator and contract writer at an international engineering organization called Bernard Gruppe.

Company: Bernard Gruppe

I worked there from 3/2016 until now

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