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I help B2B companies create epic content.

About Me

Founder of Growista. I use programming to help companies create extraordinary content that gets traffic, backlinks, and shares. Feel free to email me at niel@growista.com

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Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

I Analyzed 100,000 Viral Posts: Here’s What I Learned (New Research)

I analyzed 100,000 viral posts and what factors caused articles to go viral. This piece was mentioned in Forbes.


Best Infographics: What I Learned Analyzing 1,000 Infographics

I analyzed 1,000 infographics and what factors affected how infographics get shares.




Growista helps companies turn raw data into high-quality content that gets shares, traffic, and backlinks. As a programmer, Niel analyzes large amounts of data and turns it into a unique article, complete with charts describing that data. This content is not easily duplicated, so it stands out amongst the millions of other articles posted online each day. Growista uses connections with influencers and journalists to gain traffic and subscribers, even with no previous online reputation whatsoever. Through a combination of great data-driven content and smart promotion, Growista brings different companies and agencies the results they need.

Company: Growista

I worked there from 6/2015 until now

Software Developer

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, React, Redux

Company: Econify LLC

I worked there from 11/2016 until now

Content I Write