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B2B Creative Copywriter for CSR-Focused Brands

About Me

Your brand needs not only optimized content, but multiple platforms which create and maintain a sense of community. 

Master this, and you've mastered your industry.

I humanize and personalize your content to get you to that influencer position. 

With hands-on experience and expert knowledge in content writing, marketing and SEO, I develop strategies that are proven to boost readership and organic engagement.

I've made it my mission to help you find the heart of your story and match it with inbound marketing skills and strategies for online content. 

 In short?

 I humanize your brand.

In terms of forms, I master blog/article content, video scriptwriting, and case studies. 

And guess what?

These forms of content are the future of marketing. 

You need search engine optimized, personalized, audience-tailored content through either video or article form to keep:


Shoot me a message. Let's make a difference in your conversion rates, and in the world at large. 

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My Writing Samples

Alpha vs Beta and The Future Female Leader

This article featured on Digital Marketing Institute's Exclusive Membership Platform, focuses on the dangers of stereotypes in the workplace, and the rise of the Beta Female. (As the membership requires login details, message me for PDF version.)


For Some, Planting Logged Lands Leads to Shifting Views of Forest Management

A featured article in the award-winning publication, Earth Island Journal. Based on tree planters facing the ecological impacts of industrial timber production.


What Chocolate can Teach Us About Authentic Brand Imaging

How two chocolate brands are teaching us how to build more effective digital marketing campaigns from an authentic brand image foundation. (As the membership requires login details, message me for the PDF version).


Why an EPOS System is Your Restaurant's White Knight

A featured article in Touch Bistro's Success Library, outlining the benefits of EPOS systems for restaurant owners.


5 Warrior Women Leading Digital Disruption

This article featured on Digital Marketing Institute's Exclusive Membership Platform highlights 5 warrior women, leading digital disruption. (As the membership requires login details, message me for PDF version.)


8 Keys to Content Writing Success

A step-by-step approach to great content writing for both writers and marketers. This was a ghostwriting piece I completed for the CEO of Express Writers, Julia McCoy.


Tied to the Sea Documentary

A short documentary calling on young people to fight for the protection of our oceans. Tied to the Sea was filmed in 9 countries across. It's a global film speaking to a global problem. As co-writer and director, I spoke to scientists, activists and concerned citizens to bring you a multifaceted look at the ocean and what it means to all of us.


How the Instagram Algorithm Works: Your Roadmap to Cracking the Code

An insider's look at the Instagram Algorithm and how you can use this platform to leverage your business.


Top 5 Agriculture Companies for Sustainable Development

An in-depth look into the agriculture companies leading the way towards a more sustainable future while focusing on the vital aspect of regenerative practices.


5 Clever Ways to Thank a Client

Making a positive impression at work doesn’t take a lot. However, doing it right goes a long way. One of the easiest ways to make this impression is by showing appreciation, and the simplest ways to do this is to send a thank you letter to clients for their business. In this article, readers learn 5 clever ways to thank a client for their business.


4 Content Marketing Priorities for 2019

An inside look at the truth of content marketing trends for 2019.


Promotional Video for Society for Ecological Restoration

A glimpse into SER's 2019 World Conference on ecological restoration in Cape Town. This conference will help practitioners, policy makers and industry influencer collaborate on global restoration solutions. In a world that's increasingly warming, restoration solutions are needed more than ever.


The Best Eco-Friendly Mattresses of 2018

A comprehensive and useful guide to the best eco-friendly and organic mattresses of 2018. This article not only outlines the benefits of eco-friendly mattresses, but the importance of adopting an organic or environmentally conscious lifestyle on a grand scale.



Writer | Content Marketer | Co Founder

I manage and write for the B2B online content agency, Quill & Craft. We produce content marketing services for large companies, NGOs and online start-ups in the fields of environment & sustainability, agriculture, digital marketing and self-development. Through Quill and Craft I personally write for Digital Marketing Institute, Earth Island Journal, MarTech Gazette, and Touch Bistro.

Company: Quill & Craft

I worked there from 11/2017 until now

Writer | Content Marketer

I write, edit, publish and market articles for the online publication, Ecoripples and its sister publication, Eco Friendly Cleaning Products. Both publications aim to highlight the environmental-based companies and products of today.

Company: EcoRipples

I worked there from 12/2017 until now

Writer | Content Strategist | Content Marketer

I write expert level blogs and articles on the topics of environmental issues, self-development and digital marketing for various clients. I've also excelled as a content strategist and content and email marketer as I've worked closely beside the CEO, Julia McCoy, who's listed as one of today's Top 30 Content Marketers.

Company: Express Writers

I worked there from 12/2017 until now

Co-Writer | Director | Producer | Marketer

Co-wrote, directed, researched and produced the independent documentary, Tied to the Sea which surrounds the effects of chemical and plastic pollution on our marine ecosystems and its impact on our future as a species. I also worked as a key marketing player during post-production in order to gain the attention and funds needed to complete the film.

Company: Tied to The Sea, Nook Productions

I worked there from 10/2015 until 3/2018

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