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Understanding the New Digital World Through Content Creation and Data

About Me


I am a digital marketing strategist and love to write about all of the many possibilities there are when it comes to everything digital marketing related. From SEO best practices to social media and email campaign strategies, I'm always keeping my finger on the pulse of this ever-changing industry. A little bit of background: I graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Biology. It was while I was there, however, that I participated in a product marketing internship in Atlanta. This gave me the foundation upon which I began to explore more marketing related interests.

Once I completed my degree, I set my sights on New York and began work as a marketing analyst for a social listening firm. Subsequently, I began to get more into the strategy side of things and found myself helping eCommerce companies find their brand voice through digital marketing. As I continue to hone my skill set as an online marketing strategist, I find writing and teaching people about the wonders of digital marketing an incredibly rewarding experience.

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My Writing Samples

Get Your Best Return on Marketing Investment Through Attribution Modeling

A short blog post describing some different online advertising attribution modeling strategies.


Use Digital Marketing Metrics To Achieve Your Goals

A guide on the different kinds of metrics you can use to achieve some digital marketing goals.


Using the Objective First Framework to Develop a Marketing Strategy

A guide on how to carry out the "Objective First Framework" strategy in digital marketing.


Using Geofilters to Advertise on Snapchat

Geofilters are a business's best friend when it comes to marketing on Snapchat. It isn't that hard to do and can lead to great results if executed properly.


3 Tips to Execute a Solid Facebook Advertising Campaign

A short but informative post on the best advertising methods to take on Facebook.


Expectations for the New Age Digital Pharmaceutical Experience

In this article, I talk about digital transformation and disruption in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.



Social Listening Analyst

At LFM, I worked as a television digital analyst. I evaluated social media campaign performances using Google Analytics to provide media and entertainment partners with actionable insights on boosting social media and digital user engagement. In order to do this, I had to stay abreast of new marketing channels and best practices to help television marketing teams strategize new and innovative ways of reaching potential audiences.

Company: Listen First Media

I worked there from 10/2015 until 9/2016

Digital Brand Strategist

At Only Atoms, I was focused on developing online advertising campaigns for an eCommerce sports apparel brand. Some of the responsibilities included strategizing ways to promote the brand through Facebook and email retargeting as well as determining campaign budget finances via associating campaign objectives with Facebook CPC and daily target reach count.

Company: Only Atoms

I worked there from 12/2016 until 3/2017

Freelance Writer

I have written and published 100+ articles for a variety of companies focusing primarily on digital marketing and analytics strategies. These articles span multiple vectors with clients including Digital Pharma, Medi Health Strategies, and Crowd Siren.

Company: Copy Lime

I worked there from 4/2017 until now

Content I Write