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For over 30 years, James has been a management consultant to more than 1,000 small businesses. As a senior management consultant and business owner, James used his technical expertise to conduct an analysis of a company's operational, financial and business management challenges. He then would create an action plan to maximize profits, improve business performance and propose solutions to solve organizational issues that would impact a companies growth. As an independent writer, James 

* has meticulous attention for details, especially grammar, sentence flow, research and use of authoritative references,

* commonly uses analogies, anecdotes and stories to help his readers understand complex terms and concepts,

* is experienced using AP Style.

James graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and received an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

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Tips to Maintaining Positive Cash Flow

Profits are good, but it takes cash to pay the bills. This article has tips on how to improve your company's cash flow


5 Steps to Setting Prices for Your Products

Setting prices requires a little bit of art combined with hard market data. Learn how to develop a strategy to set prices.


IRS Audit: How to Prepare for One and Pass It

The audit letter from the IRS strikes fear in all small business owners. However, enough preparation increases the odds for a favorable outcome.


How to Calculate FIFO and LIFO

Discuss how to calculate FIFO and LIFO and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Use examples to show the effect on profit margins of using each method.


Differences and Similarities of Capital and Operational Budgeting

Identify the differences between a capital budget and an operational budget. Show how a capital budget is used for long-term planning while an operations budget is used for profit planning, monitoring of performance and performance evaluations.


Positioning & Differentiation Strategies of Marketing

Explain how to analyze the target demographic market and determine the most effective pricing method based on the types and degree of competition.


Disadvantages & Advantages of Activity-based Costing

Activity-based costing is used to determine the true cost of production by allocating the fixed overhead expenses to the activity that uses the cost instead of using a flat-rate distribution that is distributed across the entire product line.


Factors Affecting Economic Development and Growth

Show how land, labor, capital and technology combine to influence the rate of economic development and growth.


The Benefits of Analyzing Cost-Volume-Profit

A cost-volume-profit analysis is essential in determining the success or failure of a product. Show examples of how to implement CVP analysis using examples of products and manufacturing costs.


What Is Budget Variance Analysis?

Reports on budget variances are essential management tools to identify non-performing areas to take corrective actions on a timely basis.


The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Different Types of Business Entities

Explain the differences between sole proprietorships, C Corporations, limited partnerships and S Corps. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages in terms of risk liability, taxes, ability to raise capital and credit ratings.


Penetration Pricing Examples

Examples of how companies have used penetration pricing to drastically change the landscape of markets.


How to Calculate a Company's Stock Price

Use examples to illustrate how to use the Price/Earnings ratio, the Benjamin Graham formula and the Dividend Discount Model to calculate the theoretical value of a company's stock price.


What Are the Six Key Differences Between Multinational & Domestic Financial Management?

Managing the finances of a domestic company is difficult enough by itself. Now add the challenges and complexities of the finances involved with a multinational corporation, and you've got a full plate of issues to consider.


The Difference Between Accounts Payable and Notes Payable

Accounts payable and notes payable serve different purposes in a company. Understanding the distinctions between them can help you improve the financial structure of your business.


How to Figure Out the Margin of Safety

Do you know the break-even sales point for your business? You should. It's a crucial target to reach, after which you start making a profit. You should be putting all your efforts toward reaching and exceeding this objective.


Importance of Costing in Managerial Decision Making

Would you ever make a decision in your business without thinking about the costs? Of course not. Analyzing the costs related to any decision is at the heart of the management process. However, costs have different characteristics of importance. Make sure you are considering the right costs for your decisions.


The Advantages of a Holding Company

A holding company is a business entity that has no operations and does not conduct any activities. It owns assets. These assets could be shares of other companies, hedge funds, real estate, trademarks, patents or units in partnerships. Grouping companies together under a holding company gives them advantages they would not have when operating as separate entities.


Economic System Types

Economic systems are defined by the method that a nation uses to allocate its goods and services. These systems have varying degrees of government control, and range from free market economies to those that have total control of ownership, taxation and resources. Small business owners must have an awareness of the type of economy in which they operate. This is important, because the firm must adapt to changes in the economic system.


Major Objectives of a Budget System

Do you think creating a budget is a waste of time? Think again. An operating budget is an essential management tool for all small business owners and should not be ignored. You probably spend most of your days putting out fires. Here's why an effective operating budget can eliminate a lot of that stress in your life.


Future Value vs. Present Value

The time value of money sounds like one of those boring economic concepts that a small business owner doesn't have time for – but that would be wrong. Future value and present value are monetary concepts that a business owner uses every day, whether he realizes it or not. The idea is simple: Money in your pocket today is worth more than the same amount received several years in the future. The difference is the effect of inflation and the risk that you may not actually receive the money you expe


Cost to Sales Revenue Ratio

You've started a business. Sales are coming in, and money is going out. Are you making the profit the company is supposed to make? Do you know what your gross profit is? Are you using the right financial metrics to get the answers to these questions? A small business owner should use an organized reporting system that produces this information.


The Advantages of Cost Control

The general principle of operating a business is to make a profit. Right? But, what is the best way to make that happen? The answer is cost controls. If you start out the year with the goal of making a specific profit level, then having an effective set of cost controls improves the likelihood of achieving that profit objective.The advantage of cost controls is that it enables the company to increase its profits and to use those funds to improve all aspects of its operations.


Definition of Organizational Strategy

For any business to survive, it must grow. This could mean gaining more customers, increasing sales of existing products, adding new products, broadening your geographical market or buying out a competitor. Whichever path is chosen, you need a well-defined organizational strategy to guide the way.



Professional Writer

Writing articles and blogs for websites

Company: Vanguard Writing

I worked there from 1/2012 until now


Management Consulting Firm for small to mid-size companies.

Company: Techwood Partners

I worked there from 2/2008 until 12/2011

Senior Business Analyst

Provide in-depth survey and business analysis to small/mid-size companies. Tools of survey include: P&L review; balance sheet ratio analysis use of operations research techniques; discount cash-flow; ROI, and cash-flow analysis.

Company: International Profit Associates, Inc.

I worked there from 3/1995 until 1/2008


Ran complete operations of export trade finance company servicing clients in the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

Company: Tresum International

I worked there from 1/1980 until 2/1995

Adjunct Professor

Taught macro and micro economics on a part-time basis.

Company: Barry University

I worked there from 3/1989 until 12/1991

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