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About Me

Hello, I'm Desiree but my family calls me "Plumberina!"

I'm a So Cal girl who loves writing and classic cars. I specialize in writing B2C marketing materials for the skilled trades.

Growing up in a family of tradesmen, I was instilled with an appreciation for the skilled trades. Naturally, I found a passion in helping family-owned, local trade businesses grow through marketing. ​

If you're anything like the tradesmen in my family, then you don’t have time to:

Some of the business owners in my family didn't want or understand the need for having this content for their customers. But in today's internet-centric world, great copy is a necessity! I created some copy for them to use, and both of our businesses grew from there! ​

If you want to increase your revenue and connect with your customers, get in touch!

Industries I Write About


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My Writing Samples

List Article

This is an article I contributed to Hotcars.com, an online car publication. My article received over 800,000 views in less than 30 days.


Email Marketing

This is a sample of a summer-themed email sales letter. The letter, is also easily converted for direct mail.



One page sample advertisement for Airgas.



One page advertisement for Rogue Fabrication.


Walking Acres Horse Facility Website Copy

This is website copy I wrote for the "Lessons" page for a horse training and boarding facility.


Blog Post Urban Solar

This is a blog post written for Urban Solar. I contribute weekly to their website's blog.



Hotcars Article Writer

Company: Valnet

I worked there from 5/2018 until now


Words that sell, for the skilled trades.

Company: Capital Copywriter

I worked there from 12/2017 until now

Content I Write