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About Me

I am a mom. I like going to antique malls with my daughter on Sundays and going for ice cream afterward. I have an Edison phonograph from 1913 and a boring habit of combing ebay for attic lots of ancient Edison discs I can buy cheap and restore. I used to play lots of folk music until I lost nerve function in my hands, but at least I can look at guitars I once played like a boss. I own far too many books because I associate books with security. I help care for an ailing parent. I have had many adventures in life and now opt wisely for those closer to home. At least I can set hands to keyboard as a writer and producer of creative content that a public hungry for information can digest a little more deliberately and thoughtfully.

Can I write about industries? I can write about all of them if you put a hard hat on me and give me a clipboard to tour the facility. But it would still be me sharing an experience filtered through observation. All industries are interesting, but I am most interested in their ramifications for the development of society and humanity as a whole.

In writing poetry I love the idea of experiencing either fierce emotions or simple sensory events, and then recalling them in a rose-tinted past made victorious through time, focusing on the cumulative echo of poetic memory that reverberates through instinctive rhyme and meter.

In writing any political opinions I maintain a ruthlessly Buddhist viewpoint on the karmic accumulation of animal nature and the inevitable fallout from exploiting people and the Earth without compassion. You probably don't want me writing about politics unless it's to consign the current administration to the fate of Rome or compare it against the perspective of cosmic irrelevance.

You definitely want me writing humor. Humor I can do. I can do all the humor, and make it sardonic, dry, witty, measured, cynical and observant- or else blunt, wet, clueless, over-the-top, sarcastic and obvious. 

If you want me to work on writing a storyline for a TV series, or provide character building, insight building, or world building input, I would love to get in on that sort of project. I share the view of Joseph Campbell that mythology is a gateway to reality.

As far as paid quality content is concerned, it is high time that I was tried and tested. My goal in life right now is to have a nice little cabin on a lake out here in East Tennessee after my daughter goes to college- a town where remote work as a writer is feasible, the fishing is good, the taxes are low, and the meetings are Skyped.

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Sherlock Holmes excerpt

A slice of some of my fiction along with a demonstration of a) UK and Ireland historical and cultural expertise, b) ability to write dialogue, c)familiarity with use and mastery of English, d) familiarity with UK dialects.


Poetry Sample: The Smell of ireland

A descriptive poem in rhyming verse covering the olfactory experience of all of Ireland, interrupted by memories of Tennessee.


Humor Sample: The Derry Cat Lady

Explicit language, but understandable since it is a humorous poem in the vernacular of the city of Londonderry in Northern Ireland, and they can't complete a full sentence without using the f-bomb in at least four admirably separate grammatical functions.


Blog Article Sample: Snowed In

An anecdotal entry on a week of ice and snow and the creativity it summons.



English Teacher

Tutored in English, history, and science for high school students and helped them compose high quality college essays and final papers

Company: C2 Education

I worked there from 4/2017 until 6/2018


Maintain a researchable archive of historical material specific to the production history of Granada TV's UK films of Sherlock Holmes from 1983-1994 as well as the career of its main star, Jeremy Brett

Company: KFA

I worked there from 6/2014 until now

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