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Business & Branding Consultant + Career Coach. FindHER founder helping every woman FindHER best self at work. ATX⚡

About Me

What I Know:

Compelling copy matters EVEN MORE in the age of post-modern media. Quality images and videos can be bought but voice and message motivate everything.

Language is underprotected and underappreciated. 

Your social strategy 110% depends on your intent and your audience. Not trends. Never trends, really.

"Best Practices" are often bullshit crafted by one marketer or exec to swerve competition or make themselves seem relevant and if you want to know what works, you better start asking questions and answering them for yourself.

Great content marketing is really just a conversation between two personas - the brand and the consumer - who have a mutual interest. The amount of "flash" & jazz hands added to that conversation is either driven by the persona or by desperation. Don't let it be the latter.

The position does not need to be in-house. Being in your office will not make the work better nor the employee better at the work. Everything about the way we source, recruit, interview, on board, retain, and evaluate employees is systemically damaged.

Industries I Write About


Science & Medicine



Health & Wellness



Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

The Biggest SEO Trends of 2017: A Mid-year Review

An article for the Store Troopers blog about what expert SEO professionals are intuiting for the 2nd half of 2017


8 Benefits of Remote Work for Conscious Companies

For Conscious Company Magazine, a roundup of reasons why conscious companies (and employees) should consider remote work as part of the future of employment in the US


Objectification, Censorship, and Global Femaleness

An interview with fashion designer Elnaz Gargari about global fashion, feminism, and censorship


An Interview with Judith Estrada Garcia, Artist behind "No Sexual Assault Land"

I sat down with Judith Estrada Garcia, painter and artist behind the award-winning "No Sexual Assault Land"


Ikigai: This Japanese Infographic will Make You Live Happier

Ikigai is the Japanese concept of life balance - in this study, I explore how to achieve this balance at work and in life.



Business and Career Consultant

Company: KaylaNaab.com

I worked there from 9/2016 until now

Director of Content Management

Directing content strategy, analytics, and editorial management for an online media company in the multicultural beauty space.

Company: TextureMedia, LLC | NaturallyCurly

I worked there from 2/2018 until now

Director of Digital Marketing

Managing a team of marketing writers, bloggers, graphic designers, developers, social media managers, advertising managers, and more to push forward marketing campaigns for over 50 clients nationwide.

Company: Sequoia Technologies IMS

I worked there from 6/2016 until 9/2017

Content Consultant

Consulting for clients of Haley Marketing - mostly staffing & recruiting companies

Company: Haley Marketing

I worked there from 9/2015 until 4/2017

Content Optimization Specialist

Leading teams of editorial professionals, creatives, and developers to push forth the most conversion-optimized, search optimized, and social forward content across all of our publications.

Company: Native Commerce

I worked there from 12/2015 until 6/2016

Lead Content Manager

Managing content and SEO performance for over 100 clients in the dental, chiropractic, and holistic health industries

Company: GotchaLocal

I worked there from 10/2014 until 11/2015

Content I Write