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Data Journalist, Writer & Editor

About Me

The hard copy of my first professional byline has been lost to time, but it was for a story about a county council meeting at which the hot topic was buying paper and toner for a printer. It's hard to say why that experience didn't immediately propel me straight to the front page of the Washington Post, but it did keep me interested enough to make a career in the newspaper business. 

I spent more than a decade in daily newsrooms, writing, editing, designing, and managing news-gathering operations, where I learned the importance of gathering the right information, choosing the ideal words and pictures, and presenting a complete, nuanced story. I learned to tell stories in interesting and inventive ways while always remembering the whole point: people. 

Today, my work revolves around data journalism and visual storytelling, but I haven't forgotten that the most important part of any story is how it affects people

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My Writing Samples

6 Sizzling-Hot Jobs in Artificial Intelligence

AI is the job of the future, and the job of today. Here are six jobs you should be looking for right now.


The Rise of Urban America

We're told "real America" looks a lot like something from the TV show "Green Acres." Turns out it's more like "Sex and the City," and it has been for a long time.


How's the Boss

Less than half of Americans say they are satisfied with their jobs. According to a report by The Conference Board, 52.3 percent of people say they are unhappy at work. And while this is an improvement from a historic low of 2010 (right after the Great Recession), it’s still a sad state of affairs. Every person has a unique experience, but many disgruntled employees say the biggest reason they are unhappy is that they’re dealing with a bad boss. How happy are workers, what effect does a bad boss


Why Business Schools Need to Offer Big Data Education

Running a business is more than just being able to motivate a staff or recite the history and legal issues around business. Increasingly, it means dealing with algorithms and machine learning.


Building an Icon

Building an IconWhether in print, on TV, over the radio or through the Internet, the best advertising campaigns introduce characters that eventually become synonymous with their brands. Let’s take a look at a few ad icons that have stood the test of time, along with some infamous ones. Some of these characters have been around for decades, even a century – others are relative newcomers in the advertising industry. All of them are household names.



Creative Director

Manage researchers, writers, editors, designers, and developers to produce assets for clients' digital marketing campaigns.

Company: Infographic World

I worked there from 8/2012 until 6/2018

Managing Editor

Manage unified copy desk producing multiple daily newspapers.

Company: Home News Enterprises

I worked there from 8/2003 until 7/2012

News Editor

Report stories, take photos, and design pages for small daily newspaper.

Company: Greensburg Daily News

I worked there from 8/2001 until 8/2003

Content I Write