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Copywriter | Content Writer | Blogger | I'm great with words.

About Me

Does your business need to freshen up its website with fresh written content? Maybe you need some blogs posts or articles writing or a press release sending to the media with your latest news.

Contact me at contact@indeliblethink.co.uk - I'm a content writer who writes words that can get people to buy your products and services. I'm super friendly and will be happy to give you a call.

So, what do my words do for your business?

They help it to grow and can get you in front of your target audience.

If that isn't happening, picture a grey elephant in a grey room - that's your current written content. Now think of one in the same room with zebra stripes covering its skin.

Which one made you look twice? That's what engaging writing can do.

I offer a wide-range of services, including :

▶️ Web copy/content

▶️ Blogs

▶️ Newsletters

▶️ E-Mail Marketing

▶️ Leaflets

▶️ Press releases

▶️ Slogans/Straplines, and

▶️ Product descriptions

And I know my SEO onions, so all projects come fully SEO optimised. Big business. Small business. Whatever you are, it's time to stop following the herd and go your own way.

However, don't just take my word for it:

"A tricky project landed in our studio, and we weren’t too sure who would be able to produce what the client required. We got in touch with Matthew who was more than happy and seemed confident in being able to achieve the goal set out.

Matthew kept us in the loop throughout the project and provided the finished product earlier than required which is always a bonus. We’ll definitely have Matthew at the top of the list for jobs of a similar stature going forward.” - Josh Smith, Liquid Agency

I have a Diploma with Distinction in Copywriting, reassuring you that you're getting somebody qualified for the job. For more information, visit www.indeliblethink.co.uk

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Why Weight Therapy

Entice people to try EFT Tapping Therapy when they have tried all other forms of weight loss without success.


Soundvibes DJ

Show that Steve at Soundvibes isn't a cheesy DJ, as well as showing the range of services he provides. He doesn't just turn up and play music, he does so much more!


TranscendYou E-Mail Series

I wrote a 10-part E-Mail series for a Marketing company who came back for more!


The Blossom Co. Blog Post

I was asked to kick-start a new blog with a post about their first wedding event as well as describing the beautiful choice of silk wedding flowers available.


Rework & Realign Four Web Pages

Vintage Days Out needed their website realigning to promote their vintage boat cruises. I was asked to reword sections of four pages. Not a full rewrite, just a realignment to make their boating days on the Thames the main focus.




Worked as a part-time and full-time writer at my own company, Indelible Think, since June 2016. Now full-time, I work with businesses, big or small, to produce wonderful written content.

Company: Indelible Think

I worked there from 6/2016 until now

Content I Write