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Freelance Writer

About Me

I am a published freelance writer from the UK. I specialize in article writing and my specialist subjects are alternative health and natural healing. I also have a background in film production and screenwriting and can therefore write about these subjects too. I can write about other subjects and my articles are always well researched and structured.

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Health & Wellness

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We have all heard how good health starts from within. Organic food and a balanced diet is a good starting point to well being. But sometimes illness can disturb our fragile internal balance. This is when probiotics can help restore digestive health and health in general. Probiotics are live strains of bacteria that can be found in fermented foods, yoghurts and yoghurt drinks. They are also available as supplements and when included in the diet, they can aid digestive health. There are many


Prostate Cancer

A detailed look at prostate cancer and prostate health but aimed at females rather than males so that they can encourage the men in their lives to see a doctor if needed.



Freelance Writer/ Blogger/ Reviewer


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Freelance Writer

I have written a number of articles on various subjects for magazines and online publications. My article subject matter ranges from, 'Hot Toys For Christmas,' to, 'How To Cure Stomach Ulcers'. My health articles have helped readers back to health and my knowledge has been gained through personal experience of illness. I have just completed an article for a high paying inflight magazine.


I worked there from 3/2002 until now

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