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About Me

Everett has a degree in Computer Science although he began his collegiate endeavors as an English Major at Ohio University. His work history includes experience in the United States Marine Corps 3rd LAAD Battalion. His vocational civilian roles have been in the construction, technical support, safety compliance and sales industries.

Customer Feedback:

- "Hi Everett, You hit this one out of the park. Great suggestion on the title/content tweak-- you nailed it. Good instinct on where it needed to go-- I absolutely encourage you to make those changes when you've got a good idea. Some of our clients pick specific topics that they don't want us to change, but this client is not one of them. Love this piece. I so appreciate your work here-- great writing, great info, you've got this down!! Thank you thank you!! Rose!"

- "yes, i loved that part and wanted more..."

- "This explains alimony well, thanks!"

- "Hi Everett, Awesome job, this works perfect."

He has been asked at various stations of employment to write employee handbooks, instruction manuals and was even asked to write a poem for his graduating class. He has become well versed in the fields of blog, article and informative copywriting. Using his research skills in collaboration with his SEO knowledge has afforded him the opportunity to provide clients from a variety of industries with engaging and quality articles as a content writer. Everett has hundreds of articles, web page copy and blog posts to his credit. 

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness





My Writing Samples

8 Reminders for Keeping Kids Safe this Summer

Tips for parents to remember during the summer season, which statistics show is peak season for accidents and even abductions.


Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Sales Development

AI has changed marketing and sales forever and it isn't done yet...


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Tablets are often a forgotten tool in the world of all things mobile. That could be a mistake for some businesses...



Content Writer

Required to fill needs for a variety of companies covering a variety of industries. Composed e-books, did webpage copy, article and blogs among other assignments.

Company: Multiple Brokers

I worked there from 1/2016 until now

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