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Medical Writer | Health Blogger | Science Enthusiast

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Hi, I'm a health and science fanatic with a flare for social media and content marketing. I specialise in lead-generating health and biotech SEO blog posts and articles.

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Science & Medicine

Health & Wellness

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Hypertension: Understanding and Maintaining your Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a chronic medical condition describing continuous high blood pressure in a patient. Approximately one-fourth of the adult population is diagnosed with hypertension at any one time. Increased blood pressure is dangerous due to the added stress on the cardiovascular system. If this disease is left untreated it can lead to more critical diseases such as: strokes, heart failure, kidney disease, atherosclerosis (hardening and blockage of the arteries) and blindness in some cases.


2017 Program: Transitioning From Pap Smears to Cervical Screening & What it Means For You

The Australia Government’s Department of Health has updated their National Cervical Screening Program thanks to updated research. This program is to be implemented on 1 December 2017. The pap smear is to be replaced by a more accurate cervical screening test, which will be available from the beginning of December. Reports show that new cervical screening is expected to protect up to 30% more women. Continue reading to find out more about what causes cervical cancer and how the change affects you


Genetic Profiling: The Future of Medicine

A growing understanding of human genetics promises to dramatically change healthcare with patient-customised treatments. Several global companies are now offering personal genetic profiling services which promise to predict a person’s susceptibility to certain diseases and other healthcare risks.


3 Common CBD Treatments: Deciding Which is Your Best Option

When first stepping into the world of cannabinoids it can be overwhelming trying to understand the different types of products available on the market and how to take them. There’s currently a plentitude of CBD information on the web and deciding how to incorporate the compound into a health routine may be a little overwhelming. This article is rundown



Founder | CEO | Medical and Blog Post Writer

Online business providing services in: SEO content, white papers, case studies and press releases for medical institutions, healthcare service providers and research centres.

Company: Andersen Copywriting

I worked there from 2/2017 until now

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO Fundamentals

Online course teaching the specifics of search engine optimisation, producing high quality SEO content and managing a digital strategy.

Company: The Left Bank

I worked there from 12/2017 until 5/2018

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Subjects covered while studying: Virology, bacteriology, microbiology, Respiratory system, nervous system, reproductive systems, cardiology, haematology, anatomy, renal system, digestive system, histology, microscope work, pipetting techniques, genetic inheritance, epigenetics, genetic editing, genetic disorders, biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, research and experimental design, healthcare ethics, physics, numerical reasoning, statistics, epidemiology and pharmacology.

Company: Australian Catholic University

I worked there from 7/2015 until 6/2018

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