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About Me

For the last five years, I've been fortunate enough to earn my living as a freelance writer. I currently do not specialize in one subject. Instead, I prefer to explore a variety of topics for my clients, from consumer goods and services to emerging medical research. Other industries that I've written for include engineering, logistics, small business issues, online marketing, health and beauty, education (adult and childhood), psychology, personal finance, commercial banking, automotive, and personal and commercial insurance. Though not frequently in demand, my favorite subjects to write about include philosophy, theology, sociology, mythology, and all things political.

I am able to employ a variety of styles to express my clients' viewpoints. My specialty is a unique blend of humor and information that is accurate and useful. I am careful to choose the intensity of my humor to fit the topic and expectations of the client. I can be dry and witty in a wordy way or illicit small chuckles from the average reader. My use of humor focuses on capturing the attention of the target audience and keeping them engaged all the way through to the call to action.

Besides my signature style, I am often called to write in more traditional voices. I have successfully completed pieces that call for an academic tone, a friendly and approachable sales style, energetically persuasive, soothing and encouraging, and everything in between. I like to spend time with my clients before starting work to get an idea of how they want their finished product to sound. It's always my goal to give the client exactly what they want.

Research, trustworthy sources, and a dedication to factual information are the backbones of my writing. I am always careful to fact check my figures and quotes to avoid embarrassing my clients or damaging their reputation. I want to help my clients position themselves as knowledgable experts in their fields. This, of course, requires the use of true and verifiable facts.

Throughout my career, I've written pieces in a variety of formats as well. Ebooks, online articles, blogs, brochures, press releases, instruction manuals, and guidebooks are some of the most frequently demanded formats that cross my desktop.

On the personal side, I am a single work-from-home mother of 3 overly intelligent and dazzlingly active youngsters. I left the corporate world after the birth of my last child in order to spend more time at home with my family. Writing has always been a passion and a natural talent, so freelance writing became the vehicle I used to move towards employment independence. I am a true word nerd, choosing to spend my free time reading and writing on my favorite subjects, which include philosophy, theology, mythology, and psychology. As all three of my children are on the autism spectrum, I am continuously researching neurology, neurobiology, mental health, and all other things related to brain functions and their effects on our daily lives.

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My Writing Samples

On Spiritual Enlightenment: 3 Reasons Why You’re Doing It All Wrong

This is an example of my signature style, combining humor with documented facts. The topic involves the subjects nearest to my heart.



Freelance Writer

Freelance writer for a variety of companies, industries, and purposes.

Company: Words by Dee

I worked there from 8/2014 until now

Senior Transaction Specialist, Latin American Division

Processed contracts and purchase orders for Microsoft products for educational and commercial institutions in Central and South America

Company: Arvato-Bertelsmann

I worked there from 9/2012 until 5/2014

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