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About Me

I am currently working on a PhD in Anthropology and Social Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies. My degree has equipped me with graduate level writing and research skills. I have studied everything from creative writing, political theory, world history, social movements, Christian theology and history, to world-religions. You name it: I can research it and write about it. I have worked on personal, business, church, and lifestyle blogs. I have written journalistic, research, and academic articles. With all of this experience, I am excited to write for you!  

Industries I Write About

Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Embracing a Diversity of Tactics

It is important we begin to analyze the ways power and violence are already flowing through our society, our culture, and our pacifisms. I think we will begin to recognize that power and violence are inherent to life, but how they are used and for what purposes are absolutely vital. Our goal should be in sharing power and using violence tactically and not dogmatically or as our overall strategy.


Liberation Theologies: Decolonizing the Masters’ Tool

As a product of decoloniality, Liberation Theologies are “undertaken by the oppressed people themselves” and stem “from the values proper to these people,” that is, the logics and grammars of anti-capitalist decolonial world making through which a “true cultural revolution comes about” (Gutierrez 91). We see this in the life of the Baptist revolutionary Nat Turner, his rejection of the theologies that bless racialization, colonialism, and economies of slavery; we also see it in his recreated...


Make Nazis Afraid Again #SelfDefense

It is important that radicals organize oppressed and vulnerable peoples into self-defense trainings for the sake of their survival. This isn’t about a rowdy bunch of kids wanting to fight the State, this isn’t a new Weather Underground movement, and this isn’t whatever the neo-colonial Democrats suggest it is. This is about keeping our daughters, sisters, brothers, queer comrades, migrant friends, and black bodies off of the medical examiner table. This is about fighting white supremacy for...


Do Liberal Christians Worship God or Capitalism?

Oddly enough the mainline church has an extremely weak critique of capitalism, they do not seem to understand the ways their idolatry to capitalism, economics, and free markets are destroying our minds, our bodies, and our world. They reap the benefits of these exploitative relations and find no value in critiquing them. If they do critique them, they end up wallowing in a “there are not alternatives” mode of thought they got from MSNBC or CNN – but not from actual study, research or.....



Staff Writer

I wrote email marketing, blog posts, researched articles, and social media marketing posts.

Company: FBCPA

I worked there from 8/2012 until now

PhD Student Writer

I am a PhD research student in Anthropology at CIIS. I am constantly researching and writing new subjects.

Company: California Institute of Integral Studies

I worked there from 8/2015 until now

Content I Write