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While reading the latest advice out there for job-seekers I learned that I may have as little as six seconds to grab the attention of anyone reading this. I never had issues with pressure or deadlines, so I’m up for that challenge. Most of my jobs over the past twenty years have been “computer” jobs, the three most recent, featured below, taught me I wanted more than that. I am seeking a position where I can continue to grow my technical and writing skills and also use them to achieve something with a purpose beyond that of the profit and growth of whomever it is I happen to be working for.

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A sample of work from my time at PNC Bank. There was the Chair of the Communications Committee of an employee based D&I group as well as a regular contributor to our department newsletter.



Freelance Writer

Creative Writing - Content Creation

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 10/2017 until now

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