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About Me

My intentions remain simple, I would say that I am a writer who wants to entertain and respond to a desire to escape while expressing a personal message that can generate both individual and collective reflections.

I am a defender of non-violence, a meditation enthusiast and nature lover, I am just as likely to question my convictions as to share my beliefs. Words are as much weapons as instruments for peace. It all depends on which direction you are pointing your pen.

During those years when I matured slowly to forge my own style, I tried not to lose sight of the direction I wanted to give to my stories. My head is in the clouds, but my heart is with the Earth. I am nothing more than a simple human who wants to share his thoughts and dream of worlds less Cartesian while exorcising stigmas that burn in his heart.

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My Writing Samples

The Rise of The Tribulation President

I was an editor for the book. The piece has received some recognition the author, my father. I also edited the description on Amazon.



Freelance Writer

I have been a freelance web editor since January 2015 . So, I propose to manage your production of content for the web.Freelance web editor , I propose to write your texts for the web. For your showcase site, your e-commerce site or even for your blog, I am able to write impacting and optimized content for search engines. In addition, I can adapt to many sectors, from crafts to finance through fashion or tourism. As a freelance web editor, I was responsible for writing the content of any client.

Company: iWriter/ Upwork/ Freelancer/ Listiller/ Textbroker/ Individual Clients

I worked there from 1/2015 until now

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