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Author and Freelance Writer

About Me

I'm a fiction author and Christian lifestyle blogger whose "day job" is writing business-to-consumer marketing content for corporate consumer websites and branded blogs that informs, entertains and drives engagement. I also secretly fight crime in my spare time. Just kidding. Fiction author, remember? I love to spin a good yarn. But when it comes to writing marketing content, I take my job very seriously. I may try to inject enough humor or lightheartedness where warranted to make my articles more engaging, but I strive to authentically represent my clients and their brands. My favorite topics and areas of expertise include Christian living, marriage, lifestyle blogging, business, personal finance, pets and pet health. My skills include interviewing and reporting, ghost writing and matching the voice and style of my client. To date, my branded content has received well over 300,000 collective page views, and my posts have been among my clients' most-engaged content. My favorite assignment so far has been an interview I did with a popular minimalism author and influencer for a Christian personal finance blog. I'm at my most creative in the late afternoons (well, early mornings, really, but that's novel-writing time), which is when you'll usually find me typing away, creating online content for either a client or my blog. When I'm not working, you can usually find me either knitting or crocheting while yelling at the people on Investigation Discovery, or curled up with a good book and a big cup of tea. As an author, you can check out my latest release, Bound Spirits, now available from Vinspire Publishing.

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My Writing Samples

Pet Shelter Counselors: A Day in the Life

Interview/reported story


What I Learned about Adopting a Simple Living Mentality

Interview/reported story - Personal finance, Christian living


A Biblical Case for Simple Living

Consumer blog post - Christian living, personal finance


Lupus in Dogs: Everything You Need to Know

Interview/reported story - veterinary, pet health


What Tea Would Jane Austen's Heroines Choose?

Consumer blog post - books


Will Debt Settlement Affect a Credit Report?

Consumer blog post - personal finance, credit cards, consumer debt


Habits that Work: Keep Attention Deficit Disorder from Creating Workplace Disorder

Magazine article - ADHD, mental health, productivity, workplace (written under maiden name)


Four Steps to Figure Out How Much to Have in Emergency Savings

Ghost-written consumer blog post - personal finance, savings, budgeting


How to Live Simply When Your Spouse Isn't On Board

Consumer blog post - Christian living, marriage & relationships, personal finance, minimalism



Author, Freelance Writer and Editor

I'm a romance and fantasy author, a blogger and a freelance B2C content specialist. I'm also a freelance editor and book formatting specialist. I'm the author of Restless Spirits and Love Letter: A Restless Spirits Novella, the first two books in a contemporary paranormal fantasy/mystery series from Vinspire Publishing.

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 10/2015 until now

Owner, Senior Editor

Daydreamer Publishing is a full-service provider of editing and book production services for independent authors. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we’re not a publishing company. We won’t make you pay us for a print run, lock you into any contracts or ask for a cut of your royalties. At Daydreamer Publishing, YOU are the publisher; we’re your experienced publishing team, here to help you get it done right.

Company: Daydreamer Publishing

I worked there from 3/2015 until now

Freelance Writer, Blogger and Content Marketing Specialist

I can be the total package. I can not only write your content, but use my web and design skills to create attractive, Pinterest-ready social media graphics to increase sharing and drive social media links to your content, as well as provide beautiful post formatting for maximum readability and engagement. I can also write updates for and manage your social media. If you want, I can do it all — including managing your blog and developing a social marketing strategy that gets results.

Company: Freelance Content Writer

I worked there from 6/2014 until now

Content I Write