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About Me

Sandra has been writing about and consulting with creative businesses, providing developmental editing, content curation and internet marketing strategy services specific to the needs of various lifestyle-focused brands since 2012. 

She has produced a variety of digital content, including blog posts, articles, presentations, white papers and eBooks. 

Some of her writing has been published on Yahoo! Voices, ModernLifeBlogs, Under30CEO, the Buzzfeed Community and several other platforms. Find the stories she currently contributes on Medium and view her industry pitches for ideas about what she can write for your outlet.

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My Writing Samples

An Experiment in Using APIs for Productivity, Growth Hacking & Doing Better Work

"...It appears that Medium differentiates from other media not just by being more accessible but also by being flexibly user-friendly. It makes me wonder just what exactly a new user can do with an API like theirs. With a little bit of thinking outside the box, a little assessing standard processes and understanding what could use a readjustment, what could be done better, I believe there’s a lot of room for creativity."


A Quick Start Guide to Being a Job-Seeking Entrepreneur

"The chances are high that you’re responding by shaking your head to the point of whiplash right now. Join the club because you’re not alone. With terms in mind, such as J.O.B. meaning Just Over Broke, it’s no wonder that you may have an awful taste in your mouth about working for anyone other than yourself..."


Surprising Things You Might Not Know About Pinterest

"Like any good social media network, Pinterest is constantly changing an evolving. Recent years have introduced several changes to the platform, some of which (as subtle as they are) might have been overlooked..."





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