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Global Business Tech, Consumer Research and Sports Content Creator

About Me

Articulate and highly-knowledgeable Senior Business Tech SME Technical Writer and Sports Commentator, with over 10 years of experience producing professional editorial and article creation for global consumer research projects and American sports media.

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Do I Really Need CRM?

Let's delve into 5 ways CRM will boost your business—and how you can't afford to skip such powerful software.


Securing Safe & Efficient WFH/WFA Operations​

Exploring the requirements for the next "new normal" and how you can gain an edge within your vertical.


Web Localization or Web Translation—What's the Difference?

Business development starts with effective communication with your customers. It’s not just a matter of qualified text translation. Let's explore the differences in web localization and translation services—and how it impacts the success of your projects.


40 Tasks You Can Affordably Outsource to VAs

The main element in helping new and developing companies get started is Virtual Assistant Services. Entrepreneurs often take on unmanageable workloads, trying to be superheroes. We've got you covered! Take an eagle-eye approach to examine your options.


To Buy or Not to Buy—That is the Question

Boost the positive outcome of your decision-making strategies and invest smart!


Property Home Improvements to Increase Residential Value

Discussing the benefits of strategically improving residential properties; an overlooked element to building home value.


Local Vacationing and Local Investment

Highlighting the benefits of a local investment in 'staycationing'.


Building and Maintaining Client Relationships

Business owners use their resources to focus on producing new business opportunities, but this does not always result in new customers.


Youth Football and Injuries:Things Every Parent Should Know

The growing concern for children who participate in organized football is continually growing.


Michael or Lebron: Championships are Not the Difference

In the last couple of years, the hot-button topic of basketball sports debates shows, radio broadcasts, and YouTube discussions have been whether or not...



Director of Client Relations, Global Business Management

+ SME of Business Tech and Athletics Consumer Research; + Oversee and manage (quarterly) remote team collaboration tools; + Executive writer and Editor of marketing strategy and CRM optimization.

Company: Gahn Source

I worked there from 8/2010 until 8/2023

Freelance American Sports News Writer & Commentator

+ Spearheaded online NFL and NBA sports media platform creations and supported the initial launch of new venues; + Publish American league news, facts, injuries, trades, and stats; + Produce extensive NFL reports and commentary; + Part-time blog and article senior contributor for NBA column website, The Peach Basket (2020)

Company: That Game Talk | The Peach Basket | Bleacher Report

I worked there from 2/2014 until now

Business & Consumer Research Manager, Technical Writer

+ Targeted consumer behavior patterns for international companies, in order to refine marketing approaches and assess customer needs for product/service sales in North America and EMEA; + Provided training to remote team managers, with a proven track record in business development, including identifying opportunities, building client relationships, leading proposals, and securing contracts; + Developed content, case studies and white papers from consumer purchasing data and product testing.

Company: Kuah Comm

I worked there from 5/2018 until 5/2022

Client Service Manager

+ Accounts Manager responsibilities, paired with contract negotiations and guideline adherence; + Guide and manual development; + Team Management and remote collaboration lead.

Company: SAM Pty. Ltd.

I worked there from 9/2015 until 7/2017

Accounts Manager

+ Service and product sales within the real estate, tech, sports, hospitality, and small business industries; + Accounts management and contract negotiation responsibilities; + Content development, sales and marketing tasks.

Company: SR Management

I worked there from 3/1998 until 7/2010

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