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About Me

My name is Emmanuel. I am a dedicated and passionate writer who takes pride in developing content and writing about all the things that I take interest in. I have deep interest in writing, reading and research.

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Let’s Talk About Babies’ Car Seat ExpirationAt A GlanceIf I might ask; do car seats expire? Well, of course, they do. We all know about it. All that varies is the expiration duration. The duration is often hard to tell. Although the length of expiration depends on some factors, for most cars, this period spans between five and seven years. Some car vendors opt to add a car seat sticker that provides the serial number of production and expiration dates.



Research and articles writer

I have been a research and article writer for the past 6-8 years for many writing companies. I started off at Fiverr and then went ahead to work for many other sites like Uvocorp and Homework market. This has put me at a better position as a writer to be able to come up with flawless content at all times.

Company: Fiverr, Uvocorp, Freelancer and Homework market.

I worked there from 3/2011 until 7/2018

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