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Expert B2B Content Writer for tech, marketing, business, & wellness

About Me

Words are like puzzle pieces to me, and I love tinkering with them to craft dynamic messages and stories. 

 If you need a freelance writer experienced in writing about business, marketing, technology, software, and SaaS—I'm your gal. I have over a decade of professional content writing experience, largely in the B2B space.

 I have an English BA from Brandeis and an MBA from BC, and stints at big brands like Experian and Pegasystems. You can trust that you'll get clear, error-free content that will move prospects along the buyer's journey and generate revenue. 

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My Writing Samples

How to Embed Cybersecurity Into Your Organization

An eBook I wrote for BizForce Technologies, a former nDash client. This is an actionable guide for embedding cybersecurity into the different layers of your organization at the user, network, and cloud platform levels. (Note: I didn't participate in the design process, just the writing part).


10 SEO Priorities for 2021 and Beyond

To succeed at SEO in 2021, you need to empathize with your users as much as possible. What is the purpose of their search? Are you giving them the answers to the questions they asked for, and are you giving them in the best possible way? How do you think they feel when they click through your site? Catering to your users more will help you realize the potential of your SEO strategies in 2021 and beyond.


Schema Markup: SEO Benefits & Implementation Best Practices

This is a 2000-word blog post about Schema Markup in SEO that I wrote for Seo.co. Adding schema markup helps search engines better understand your content and communicate it to users. Schema can help you achieve more prominent search results and surpass your competitors. This post discusses why schema is valuable and walks you through how to implement it.


How to Boost Your App’s Retention Right Now

This piece is about how to increase engagement and retention for your mobile apps. I wrote it for Mobile Growth Association.


Realizing the Potential of your Data

An eBook I wrote when I worked for Experian about data management at mid-market organizations. Mid-market organizations are large enough to have enough resources, yet small enough to be agile. They're in a unique position to unlock the value of their data and use the insights to drive the business forward.


How to Get Internal Thought Leaders to Create Content

Your company is full of knowledgeable staff who have deep experience in at least one subject. As a content marketer, you can harness that knowledge and channel it into your company’s content.


The Value in Authentic Employee Connection

This blog post was for EditMate, a User-Generated Video Company. User-generated video content is an authentic way to connect with your workforce. You don't need expensive equipment or highly trained videographers; all you need is a smartphone and possibly a small tripod. User-generated videos can drive better employee engagement and improve workplace collaboration and morale.


User-generated videos: Everything You Need to Know

This blog post for EditMate explains the advantages of crowdsourcing user-generated videos and walks you through how to do it. Crowdsourcing user-generated video content helps your audience connect with and engage with your content in a meaningful, authentic way. It boosts sales by attracting customers and also strengthens brand loyalty


The Low-Code/No-Code Movement in Boston

Why low-code tech is vital to bridging the gap between business and IT. It spotlights a few low-code companies that have a presence in Boston.


How to Exit The Family Business Gracefully

Post for Ivy Exec, a career site for executives. My byline is at the bottom.


How to Take on a Stretch Project Without Getting Burnt Out

Post for Ivy Exec, a career site for executives. My byline is at the bottom.


5 Ways to Incorporate Zucchini into the Keto Diet

I ghostwrote wellness articles about the keto diet for BioKeto. These articles referenced research from scientific journals & organizations like the NCBI.


10 Supplements You Should Be Taking on the Ketogenic Diet

I ghostwrote wellness articles about the keto diet for BioKeto. These articles referenced research from scientific journals & organizations like the NCBI.


Single Customer View

Ebook about customer data.



Content Freelance Writer

-Write scientifically driven articles about the ketogenic diet-Ghostwrote business E-book, 'Clients and Cashflow'-5 Star Reviews and 100% Rehire rate

Company: Upwork

I worked there from 4/2018 until now

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

-Maximized revenue growth and new business acquisition by conceptualizing, developing, and presenting cutting-edge data management solutions made specifically for B2B sales. -Optimized awareness of brands by incorporating hard-hitting content and key brand messaging that appealed to target demographics. -Exemplified expertise in developing content across multiple digital platforms in the forms of eBooks, web pages, tip sheets, case studies, infographics, and content pillar pages.

Company: Experian

I worked there from /2018 until /2019

Content I Write


Great to work with!

She delivers well-written content on time, is very responsive, and is a joy to work with.

Stephanie Roulic, nDash.co