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About Me

I write pieces that help people understand the complexities of family relationships and medical challenges. I love helping families live their best lives despite these issues.

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

What is a Non-Verbal Learning Disability

[Dignity Health] A nonverbal learning disability often affects a child's spatial reasoning, motor skills, and social skills, but because children with this challenge often have advanced verbal skills, it can be easy to miss. Kids with this type of learning disability often seem precocious and highly capable until they start having difficulty with nonverbal skills as they get older.


How to Tell Your Child You Have Cancer

[UVA Cancer Center] It’s a conversation no one wants to have. Hearing you have cancer is hard enough, but figuring out how to tell your child you have cancer can be heartbreaking. Though it may be tempting to shield them from the truth, a cancer diagnosis impacts the entire family. Open communication with your child can help them adapt to change and ease some of their concerns.


Adventure on the Wild Side - Alaska Cruises

[Royal Caribbean] Web copy for cruise line website.


Managing the Psychological Effects of Breast Cancer

[Hello Humankindness] A life-threatening diagnosis can make you painfully aware of your own mortality, but there are a host of other physical and psychological effects of breast cancer that can make this a particularly difficult diagnosis. With all the changes that treatment for breast cancer brings — which can include shutting down sex hormones and removing sex organs — so many facets of a person’s life are changed, which can lead to difficulty accepting what is happening.



Payroll Specialist

Company: Group Health Cooperative

I worked there from 11/2006 until 4/2008

Freelance Writer

Health and parenting writer with a focus on cancer and learning challenges.

Company: freelance editor/writer

I worked there from 4/2008 until now

State Leader & Local Face to Face Support Group Leader

Local leader for a cancer support organization with more than 200 members in the Seattle Metro area.

Company: Young Survival Coalition

I worked there from 12/2012 until 12/2015

Administrative Specialist C - Labor Relations

Company: Group Health Cooperative

I worked there from 10/2003 until 11/2006

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