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Leveraging Mobile Credentials for a More Connected Workplace

There's a difference between simply working in a digital environment vs. embracing intelligent workplaces. Companies are taking note of the growing importance of incorporating the tools and technologies their employees are already using in their personal lives. For example, employees want to be in a work environment with a keyless entry system that mirrors systems and technologies they're already using for their cars. Mobile credentials can satisfy this preference while establishing a more conn


Best Practices for Managing Visitors in the Modern Office

Visitors arrive to an office for a myriad of reasons. They could be showing up for a meeting, making a delivery or interviewing for a job. No matter their purpose, it's essential for companies to implement a visitor management system for their office. Will this mean the elimination of receptionists or a reception area?


When Should You Upgrade Your Company’s Access Control? 5 Things to Look For

Modern companies are fully aware of the possibility of security breaches, as well as their consequences. Therefore, it's critical to understand what signs to look for when your access control system needs an upgrade. Maintaining a secure building while remaining up-to-date technologically are essential components of having an access control plan. If you’re not utilizing access control technology, now is the time to start.


How Smart Technology Can Help Build a Rapport with Your Tenants

Building a rapport with tenants using smart home technology is more than providing an online portal for them to make rental payments . . .


How to Design a Smart Apartment That Works

In a competitive marketplace, rentals with smart technology are more attractive because renters want their living spaces to make their lives better.


Renters Pay More for Smart Home Upgrades

A blog published September 1, 2018, outlining how renters will pay more for smart home upgrades.


How Do You Know if Your Child is Falling Behind?

[Ghostwritten content] Sometimes, parents know when their children are going to experience delays or fall behind in school. Take, for example, a New York mother of twins who could spot indications that one of her twins was experiencing difficulties as young as two-years-old. According to the New York Times, "By the time T.J. was about 2½-years-old, it was clear ...


How to Find the Market Value of an Antique

A news article that was written for NBC WPTV Channel 5 about how to find the market value of an antique.


How to Effectively Communicate with Senior Adults

An article focusing on how to effectively communicate with senior adults.


How Furthering Education Grows Real Estate Careers

Ghostwritten content focusing on how furthering your education grows real estate careers.


How Much Equity Is in Your Home?

When you take the current market value of your home that you receive after an appraisal and subtract it from the amount you currently owe on your mortgage, that’s your home’s equity. Your home equity is how much of the property that you truly own. This is the formula you will use to answer the question, “How much equity is in my home?” Knowing the amount of equity you have in your home plays a vital role in major decisions like taking out a loan for repairs, improvements or to purchase a.....


How to Keep Snakes Away from Your Home and Yard

Snakes of all types can be found in most regions of the U.S., so chances are you might come across one in your yard. Because some people often fear snakes (whether they’re poisonous or not), it can be challenging to think with a clear head when they’re around.


How to Get Rid of Moles and Keep them Away for Good

Including its tail, the average mole is between four and 11 inches long. They typically have black, brown, or gray fur and resemble rodents, though they’re technically small mammals. They have tiny ears and eyes, small hind feet, and larger forefeet used for digging. Even though moles look similar to rodents, they’re more closely related to bats.


What Is Home Equity and How Does It Work?

You’ll often hear the term equity when it comes to homeownership, but you may not even know what that means even if you already own a home. The amount of money you receive when you sell your house, minus any debt associated with it, is equity. When looking at it from an investment point of view, the owner of the asset (probably you in this case) is referred to as a stakeholder. There are two types of equity: book value and market value. Equity calculations occur most often in businesses and.....


How to Get a PO Box When You Move

Learning how to get a PO Box™ involves visiting your local Post Office™ or renting one online, considering your mailbox needs, and then selecting the right size. If you’re moving out of your old home before your new one is ready, or if you’ll be staying in temporary places between moves, you can forward your mail to a USPS® PO Box. A PO Box is also an excellent option if you’re moving to a place where you need a more secure mailbox solution to prevent theft or tampering.


What Size Moving Truck Do I Need?

When you find a new place, packing your belongings and getting appliances ready for transport are necessary tasks. The more moving preparation tasks you complete ahead of time, the fewer things you have to worry about when Moving Day arrives. Those tasks include answering the question, what size moving truck do I need?


What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

We've all been in that situation (or know someone who has) when, you need a storage unit, and have no idea what size to get. In this guide, I break down how much you can fit into various-sized storage units. That way, you aren't stuck with one that's too big or, worse, too small!


Storage Unit Prices: What to Expect

When trying to figure out average storage unit prices, you have to consider their size and location. And if you choose to use climate-control storage, that will also impact the price. The average storage unit cost that you can expect to pay is between $40 and $50 monthly for a 5-foot by 5-foot unit. For slightly bigger units, like a 10-foot by 15-foot storage space, expect rates to run between $75 and $140 for a standard unit and between $115 and $150 if you want climate-control.


Real Estate Commission: How Does It Work?

When a business or individual needs to buy or sell property, it’s not uncommon for them to work with a realtor during every stage of the process. As you work with a realtor, they share their expertise regarding the market price of the property and what you can expect during the buying or selling process. But the professional help of a real estate agent comes with a cost — namely the real estate commission. Learn more about how realtor fees work and, in general, how much they cost.


Everything you need to know about American Home Shield

American Home Shield initially launched in 1971 and, since then, over 1.7 million customers have received service. Throughout the company’s history, its mission has been to protect customers from unexpected repair costs. You can find an American Home Shield warranty in every state except for Alaska.


Twin vs. Twin XL Mattresses

Deciding whether to get a twin or twin XL size mattress means factoring in the height of the person sleeping in it, the dimensions of the room, and the constraints of your budget. While the difference between twin and twin XL mattresses is slight, comparing them is still essential to ensure you’re getting the bed you need. How long is a twin XL bed, and what is the difference between twin and twin XL? Here are the details.


Does a Moving Truck Need to Stop at a Weigh Station?

If you’re embarking on a long-haul move, chances are you’re using a moving truck. Crossing over state lines means facing a variety of highway regulations, including whether or not you should stop at a moving truck weigh station. You’re probably asking yourself, do U-Hauls have to stop at weigh stations? The answer to that question is: it depends. In states like California, for instance, moving trucks are classified as a truck that has to stop at a weigh station. In other states, that’s not the


Cool Gel Mattresses: Everything You Need to Know

While traditional memory foam mattresses have long been touted as a top choice for comfort, even fans say they tend to retain too much heat (AKA “sleep hot”). One solution to this problem is switching to a cool gel mattress. In addition to helping hot sleepers, a gel memory foam mattress is also an excellent choice for body pain sufferers. Some consumers choose gel foam because, while it has the same features as a traditional memory foam mattress, it gives them additional support.


The Complete Guide to Window Cleaning

If your home’s windows have dirt, dust, water spots, and other debris covering them, you might not be getting as much natural light as you would like. The best way to bring in additional light (and enjoy the view) is by keeping them clean. If window cleaning isn’t at the top of your to-do list to keep your home clean and maintained, perhaps it should be. Window washing might seem like a straightforward process, but it’s one that people often do incorrectly without realizing. To learn how to cle


Everything You Need to Know About Choice Home Warranty

Initially launching in 2008, Choice Home Warranty is located in Edison, New Jersey, where it offers affordable home warranty plans to consumers. Throughout its history, Choice Home Warranty has handled more than 3,000,000 service requests. It has also provided coverage to more than 1,000,000 homes across the country. Choice Home Warranty provides coverage to every state except for California and Oklahoma.


How to Find a month-to-month Lease

If you are looking for flexibility, a month-to-month lease could be the answer. With no specified end date, they can allow you to reside in the apartment for an extended or limited timeframe. If you take on a traditional lease that renews at the end of 12 or 16 months, you’re required to stay there the duration of your lease. But with a month-to-month lease, you are not obligated to stay in the apartment for a specific number of months.


How Much Are Closing Costs?

When you are about to purchase a new home, one looming question might be “how much are closing costs?” While these costs vary depending on your location, it is still possible to determine the average closing costs on your home. Closing costs cover a wide variety of fees that your lender is going to go over with you. This guide breaks down what is included in closing costs, as well as who pays closing costs and how to calculate closing costs.


How to Set Up Trash Pick-Up and Recycling at Your New Home

Moving into a new home involves a lot of planning and preparation, including setting up trash removal services. No one wants to deal with heaps of trash, especially after a move. In this guide, you’ll learn more about what garbage pickup service to look for, how to set up your garbage collection service, and what all of your trash pickup service options are.


How to Move Into Your First College Apartment

Unlike living in on-campus housing, moving off-campus means you are on your own regarding many things. This college student’s first apartment guide outlines what you need to do to prepare and prioritize.


How to Get Rid of Flies Outside in 4 Steps

When you are trying to enjoy a meal outside, it is so annoying to have flies swarming around or landing on your food. Flies can also invade your indoor spaces when you open and close doors. Flies are the least active during colder months and typically reach maturity during the spring. So, how to get rid of flies in your outdoor spaces? In this guide, we outline how to get rid of flies outside so you can enjoy your yard without worrying about an infestation.


What is a Studio Apartment? The Definition, Pros & Cons

If you're searching for an apartment on a budget, especially in a city with high apartment prices, you may want to consider renting a studio apartment. In this article, we help renters understand exactly what a studio is and how it compares to a one-bedroom apartment, a loft, and more.


What is a Guarantor and Who Needs One?

If and when a renter needs a guarantor depends on several factors, including credit score, credit history, and income, to name just a few. For first-time renters early in their careers, it is not uncommon to need a guarantor for an apartment lease. In this article, we'll explain everything you need to know about guarantors, from how to determine whether you need a lease guarantor to whom you should ask to be your guarantor if necessary.


Lease Termination: Notice to Vacate

When moving out of one apartment rental into a new apartment rental, there’s a lot for renters to remember, starting with notifying the landlord. First and foremost, you must give your notice to vacate by sending your landlord a lease termination letter. In this article, you’ll learn exactly how to terminate your lease with all the details you need to communicate in your termination letter. For your convenience, there’s even a lease termination letter template included below.


How to Negotiate Rent

Some things in life are non-negotiable. Surprise—how much you pay in monthly rent is not one of those things. Most renters don't realize that rental prices are negotiable. The reality is you can, and you should negotiate your rent. The key is knowing how. Whether you're negotiating a new lease or renewing an existing lease, here's how to convince your landlord to lower your rent.


Apartment Tour Checklist: 16 Things to Look for in a Rental

There is no shortage of articles to help landlords find great tenants. However, in this article, we talk about how to help renters evaluate and find a great apartment and landlord. Use this checklist to learn what you need to look for when renting an apartment, from the red flags to the signs of a good rental.



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Among many other things, Jenn is responsible for managing writing teams, monitoring content campaigns, editing content against brand style guides, and updating editorial calendars.

Company: nDash.com

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Freelance writer, author, teacher, and mixed-media artist

Jenn Greenleaf specializes in in-depth research and SEO for several websites, businesses, and firms. Her expertise ranges from generating blog posts for construction companies to developing webpage content for law firms. Her professional writing career began in 1999. Earlier in her career, she wrote articles for magazines, newspapers, and other outlets, including The Maine Construction News, The Writer, Writer Gazette, Do! Magazine, the Washington Post, and NBC News.

Company: Jenn Greenleaf: Professional Writer

I worked there from 11/1999 until 12/2021

Customer Success & Delivery

Among many other things, Jenn is responsible for managing writing teams, monitoring content campaigns, editing content against brand style guides, and updating editorial calendars.

Company: nDash.com

I worked there from 1/2022 until now


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