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Experienced Freelance Content Writer

About Me

I am a former science and special education teacher who has morphed into a  professional niche content writer.

My Specialties are : 

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I have tons of experience in my niches:

I am the founder/director of Fox Run Environmental Education Center, a non-profit that teaches hands-on and online programs in organic gardening, alternative energy, and wildlife conservation. 

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

8 of the Tastiest Apple Varieties and How to Make Them Thrive

Niche - Organic Gardening. I write a regular blog post for Morning Chores.


Pros and Cons of Going Tiny

Environmental sustainability niche


Strategies For Controlling Your Dogs Weight

Niche - Pets and Veterinary Topics


Straight From The Horses Mouth

An article about horse dentistry for a veterinarian website. The client wanted lots of visuals so I also took pictures.


How To Build A Stone Wall That Wll Stand The Test Of Time

An overview of building stones walls for the DIY homeowner.


Can I Run This On Solar Energy

An introduction and overview of what you can run on solar power.


17 Best Indoor Trees For Your Home And How To Care For Them

List article of the 17 best trees to grow indoors.



Founder and Executive Director

We are a non-profit dedicated to teaching about environmental concerns in our community. We serve as a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility and teach classes online and in our community.

Company: Fox Run Environmental Education Center

I worked there from 1/2014 until now

Content I Write