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Dynamic Content For Your Business

About Me

Data-driven copy that automates your payday

Is your sales copy doing its job or just freeloading? Let me whip it into shape.

In-Depth Research for Every Project

Stop marketing with the blinders on. Every sales copy project I undertake includes deep research to figure out:

Copy That Works Together

Words without strategy are like mornings without coffee. I don’t just write words – I’ll craft a sales funnel strategy so you’re not left hanging with copy that goes to waste.

Result-Driven Service

I don’t sell copy – I sell results. That’s why all my services include validation with test audiences, A/B testing, and optimization of your copy. No more guessing what works and flopping your campaigns.

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Azimuth GRC - Website Copy

A copywriting project for the entire content of this SaaS website.


Best Call-to-Action Words for an Email Sign Up Button to Increase Conversions

Looking to grow your email list? Well, the most effective way to gain new email subscribers is by adding an eye-catching subscription form to your website. In this post, we’ve collected 12 examples of high-converting call to action words that you can use as inspiration when crafting your own email signup forms.


4 Impressive Trello Alternatives to Scale Up Your Content Production

You’ve used Trello for a while, and it has been getting the job done. But lately, you open the platform and instantly cringe. Your kanban boards resemble a tangled, overgrown garden. The kanban focus and system comprised of boards and cards can be incredibly valuable for a budding content marketing team. And Trello does offer options for larger and enterprise-level teams, so it has the potential to grow with you. However, some teams find that it’s just not the right fit.


A Comprehensive Guide To An Efficient Time Off Request Form

What does a typical vacation process look like? If you’re like many other businesses, your HR department is overloaded with paperwork. Honestly, that’s a shame – wouldn’t you rather have them focus on attracting and recruiting talent instead of sifting through endless paperwork? An automated time off request form saves valuable time for any HR department, as well as for the employees filling them in.


How Do I Write An Effective Lead Magnet to Promote My Freelance Business?

You’ve tried crappy content mills, online job boards, and even cold emailing – but you’re still struggling to bring in more clients. If you’re trying to jump into full-time freelancing, building a solid client base can be a steep challenge to overcome. But have you considered taking steps to bring the clients directly to you by growing your email list? If so, you probably need a lead magnet.


Satisfying VR Interactions - The Simple Formula To Wow Your Audience

A helpful guide to designing great VR experiences.


Here's Why Your Business Website Needs a Chatbot

A helpful to how chatbots can help your business.


5 Reasons to Train Your Employees in VR

A quick overview of what VR training entails and how it can benefit your business.


VR Success Stories: Here's Why Your Business is Missing Out

A case for the implementation of a new type of B2B content - VR case studies.


How to Get Started With Pinterest For Your SaaS Business

Images are worth a thousand words – nothing proves this better than Pinterest. Without any doubt, several social media platforms contribute to effective content marketing, but none are as underrated as Pinterest – with 40% of pinners having a household income of $100k a year and over, the platform is filled with untapped buying power. Find out more about how to get started on Pinterest for your SaaS business.



Game Designer

Research and write high-level and low-level design documents and pitches, prototype game mechanics, design levels, design narrative beat charts

Company: Casa Rara Studio

I worked there from 3/2017 until now

Communications Clerk

Upkeep municipal website, write speeches, write articles for website and municipal newsletter

Company: Ville de Val-d'Or

I worked there from 5/2015 until 8/2015

Languages I Write In

Content I Write