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About Me

I write entertaining and/or educational words, depending on the occasion. Usually some of them are SEO keywords. The point is that you'd never know it because of my grandmaster-level proficiency at the following invaluable skills:

*Story mining (that's my favorite skill to use!)
*Working with search intent
*SEO keyword research
*Content strategy

If your content needs more reads or readability, do reach out. These problems are solvable.  

Industries I Write About


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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

22nd Century Group: An Interesting, Moving Target

22nd Century Group is a biotech focused on tobacco and cannabis. I think their tobacco business is negligible, but that their cannabis business has massive potential.


Why & How Yoga works So Damn Well for Anxiety

Yoga nudges your body away from fight-or-flight and toward safeness.


The Hobbyist

Prospects have to know, like, AND trust you. Also, you should never trust someone who's trying to sell you something.



Marketing Specialist/Head Copywriter

Mall of the Arts is a fledgling nonprofit headquartered in the Arctic that connects Manitoban artists to each other and to sales. I write artist bios, marketing copy, website copy, social media posts, and whatever else comes up. I also do about half our graphic design.

Company: Mall of the Arts

I worked there from 12/2020 until now


Flyrise is a full-service, boutique digital marketing agency that has been specializing in small business work, but medium-sized businesses are starting to find them now too. It's very exciting. I used to write blog posts, proposals,, special-interest pieces, and websites for their clients. I stay in close contact with upper management and am permanently available for Flyrise contract work.

Company: Flyrise Marketing

I worked there from 8/2018 until 7/2020


I'm always writing something for publication. My work has been featured on Seeking Alpha and Elephant Journal, and can be found on Medium as well. The web presences of many small businesses are also built on my anonymous, production copywriting.

Company: Freelance

I worked there from 7/2018 until now

Content I Write