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Direct Response Copywriter for the e-Learning and Language Education Industries

About Me

What drives students to invest in your courses? It could be passion, an urgent need, a desire for relationship, dreams of a new life overseas… or they may see your site as a tool for achieving a great ambition they have. The features and benefits of your course, membership site, or software matter a lot, but only after you’ve spoken to those emotional drivers. How do I know? I’m your target market, and have been for a long time. I’ve read a lot of web content from people in your industry… possibly even YOUR web content… and made decisions to buy (or not buy) based upon that copy. By communicating to your market what they can learn, how they can grow, and why it will change their lives, every marketing piece you send their way can be a magnet to grow your online learning business and make you rich. Here’s why I have the skills to help you: - Trained as a direct response copywriter with American Writers and Artists (AWAI), with teachers like Michael Masterson, Pam Foster, and Joshua Boswell - 2+ years experience writing copy for a wide variety of clients: dental offices, 3D animators, LSAT prep courses, outdoor tourism, professional associations, resumés for job seekers, retail, authors, and more… - Ghostwritten articles have appeared on entrepreneur.com - Finishing an MBA Management degree in Asia - 2+ years experience teaching English (TEFL-certified) - 6 years studying foreign languages (mainly Spanish and Korean) - Judge for 2 years with the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting competition (Yes, I can read your screenplay) - Written 4 novels, with 4 more in the editing process. Specializing in: Landing Pages, Direct Response, Video/VSL Sales Scripts, Web Content, Email, and Special Reports Where do you go from here? Reach me right here on LinkedIn, or email me at authordavidallen@gmail.com.

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My Writing Samples

Headline & Lead - Spanish Webtutor Program

This headline and lead was a spec for someone partnered with International Living, a giant in the direct response world. The client wanted a different approach than what was used in the past. While the headline offered a huge promise, the lead itself was more indirect, as many people were not aware of the product: a Spanish language course aimed towards a Baby Boomer student base. The emotion was confidence, with a desire to avoid embarassment.


Video Sales Letter - Test Prep Course

A former Kaplan instructor made a course to help college undergrads pass the LSAT – a difficult test whose score plays a big role in which law schools will accept the students’ graduate applications. I made a video sales letter for the study program. Several years later the site transferred ownership but the copy continued to be used in various forms SIX YEARS LATER. The audience for this piece was undergrads who had big plans for their lives but were a little intimidated by the test.


Long Form Landing Page Copy - Membership Site

Budget Brainiacs is a fictional product for one of the continuing education courses I’m taking. While I had written other sales letters in the past, this is a more recent sample of my work. The product is a membership site that helps children aged 10-14 learn about personal finance. The target audience is mothers and grandmothers. I tried to avoid a lot of guilt-tripping by letting them peer into the life of the founder of the company and read CONFESSIONS about her own money mistakes.



Direct Response Copywriter

Company: Self-employed

I worked there from 6/2018 until now

Graduate Student

Studying quantitative analysis, writing big papers, and networking at the most international school I've ever been to. Very fun. Teaching and writing copy independently for my daily peso!

Company: Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies

I worked there from 6/2018 until now

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