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Writer / Content Developer

About Me

I'm an action-oriented, business savvy individual with expertise in written and verbal communication. 

I am able to generate personalized, meaningful copy for any purpose, under tight deadlines, and am an expert at condensing technical jargon into streamlined, easy-to-understand content for nonspecialized readers.

You'll most often find me working with small businesses in content creation and marketing (blogs, email campaigns, ghostwritten articles, etc.), though my past expertise is rooted in tech and travel.

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My Writing Samples

We've already lost the war on privacy. Here's why you should still care.

This researched essay was written on behalf of the Matador Network covering privacy and human rights.


SMB Content Article: 7 Old-School Ways to Market Your SaaS Business

This piece was written for a small business client as part of a marketing campaign for SaaS businesses. The idea here was to ground SaaS technology and sales marketing in old-school roots by making the bridge between effective but older sales and marketing tactics while inviting readers how to apply those practices directly to their own product.


Manor Park Chronicle - Council President Feature

This piece was done for a local paper profiling the new community council president. I maintain a business column with this paper and often profile business personalities and corporate CEOs in a similar fashion.



Freelance Writer

Freelancing successfully over the past year, I've done everything from ghostwriting content articles for multimillionaire marketing gurus to crafting sales copy for startups and profiling businesses for the local newspaper. It's a mixed bag that keeps my writing, interviewing, and service skills sharp!

Company: Hello, Summers

I worked there from 5/2017 until now

Mac Expert

When I came to Apple in 2012, I'd been out of college for a few years and had previously been in middle management. Through my various roles at Apple, I learned the core tenants of outstanding customer service, networking, B2B sales engagement, and -- of course -- tech. I've been able to pivot to writing for big brands in no small part because of what I learned at Apple.

Company: Apple

I worked there from 5/2017 until 6/2012

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