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B2B Digital Transformation Tech Content Writer

About Me

I'm Dane White, a B2B technology content writer specialized towards brands making use of IoT, AI, cloud, and cybersecurity to simplify and secure business operations. 

My start was in 2017, with my work appearing as B2B and B2C blog writing for local digital marketing agencies.
I’ve since leveraged my 10+ years as a tech enthusiast to write for cybersecurity, automation, and workplace agility B2B brands.

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My Writing Samples

2 Easy Ways to Defend Your Digital Privacy

A cybersecurity article highlighting the importance of identity monitoring and password security. Summary: "Much of our personal data is already digitized and primed for cybertheft. These apps will keep you secure and protected in 2020 and beyond."


3 Finance Apps You Are Missing Out On

A personal finance article reporting on the benefits of three financial management mobile apps. Summary: "Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does keep the fear of bills away. Here’s our favorite apps to help take back your financial health."


Why 2020 is The Year of Customer Experience in Fintech

A fintech article discussing an increasing customer-based focus with financial technology. Summary: "See how improved connectivity, IoT devices, and smart automation are changing the finance industry."


Free-to-Play Mobile Gaming: Why F2P is So Popular Among Gamers

A gaming industry article covering the data statistics, psychology, and trends that explains the popularity of free mobile games among smartphone users. Summary: "Mobile gaming: greedy cash grab or legitimate gaming experience? Depending on who you ask, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Regardless of perspective, it’s impossible to deny the value it has in the gaming and mobile app industries."


Big Names Step Into The Mobile Gaming Arena

A gaming industry article that highlights AAA gaming publishers entering the mobile gaming market. Summary: "Full gaming experiences on mobile devices? Big developers say: yes (sort of)."


Voice SEO for Local Business: What you need to know

An internet of things (IoT) article from a B2B perspective discussing voice technology and local SEO. Includes a discussion on voice commerce and voice searcher intent, as well as actionable voice SEO tips.


Your privacy is gone: why even FBI agents use a webcam cover

A cybersecurity article reporting on the value of webcam covers, and cases that demonstrate the privacy risks of not using one.



B2B Digital Transformation Tech Content Writer

I write from my background of 10+ years as a tech enthusiast. I provide content writing and web copywriting services to brands in: Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), cloud technology, and cybersecurity.

Company: byDaneWhite

I worked there from 8/2017 until now

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