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About Me

I'm an experienced writer + editor + strategist. While others in math class were groaning about story problems, I would gleefully read about Juan and his oranges or Rebecca and her favorite pencils. I loved digging into the logic of the problems, sure, but what really interested me was the backstory. It's this curiosity that continues to drive me as a professional communicator. I've worked as a journalist, science writer/editor, marketing strategist, PR consultant and more. Whatever the topic, I can cover it, bringing my unique blend of experience, instinct and creativity to the table.

My specialties include: environmental science, social science, food and food service, film, fashion, home decor, and marketing and communications. 

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Health & Wellness


Law & Politics

My Writing Samples

What Is eCommerce? What Does It Mean for Your Business?

The article covers the what and how of eCommerce, for an audience of small and independent business owners.


No One Likes a Mean Girl but We’ll Still Watch Her: Making a Place for Dark Triad Characters

This article digs into recently published research on how people perceive "dark triad" male and female characters in film and t.v.


Bringing Back the Fish: Michigan Sea Grant and Partners Oversee Successful Habitat Reconstruction

(Article on Pg. 21) - I was asked by the State of Michigan communication team to contribute an article to the "State of the Great Lakes" white paper.


An Economy of Scales: A Look at the Food Fish Industry in Michigan

I wrote and edited all content in a print and online publication to help promote the inaugural Seafood Summit.


Charting New Media on a Vulnerability Spectrum

I developed and wrote about a new media communication theory. Simply stated: In all communication we experience a level of personal risk. On one end of that spectrum is vulnerability; the other is safety. The horizontal axis holds the spectrum of control in interaction, operationalized as clean on one end and messy on the other.




I have worked as a freelance writer, editor and marketing consultant for more than 15 years. Clients have included traditional and digital media outlets, major corporations, educational and environmental non-profits, independent businesses, higher education, NGOs and government organizations.

Company: Various

I worked there from 5/2003 until now

Marketing and Communications Leader

I work part time as a marketing and communications lead at a major public American university. My focus is on developing marketing and public relations strategies for mental and behavioral health clinics.

Company: Big 10 University (name not disclosed)

I worked there from 4/2015 until now

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