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Senior Copywriter | Content and Social Strategist

About Me

Oh hello. Throughout a career of over 14 years, I’ve grown into a big idea thinker and brand champion who gets out of bed each morning ready to tell stories that matter. I’ve had the time of my life leading teams, building brand voices and bringing ideas to life as a senior copywriter and digital-first marketing, content, media, brand and communications creator for some of the most recognized and valuable multinational brands in Canada. 

With a creative heart and an editor’s eye, I bring my extensive writing background, video production chops and design-centred approach to make sure every project is audience-driven and on-brand from ideation to execution. I can juggle multiple campaigns, teams and creation streams while still having fun, making an impact and crafting content that’s authentic and truly meaningful. 

Skills: Copywriting, creative direction and production, tone of voice development, agency and freelancer management, content strategy, video production and script writing, speech writing and executive communications, agency management, team building and creative studio development, social media and content marketing, design management, external and internal communications.

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My Writing Samples

STACK Stories + Humble The Poet

Well-known as a rapper, poet, artist, author and MC with a massive YouTube following, Kanwer Singh (aka Humble the Poet) is rich in wisdom and, luckily for us, happy to share it. His own experiences with debt, defining success and the true value of self-worth have given this artist we love a wealth of mindful and candid straight talk about money.


STACK Shorts + Fred VanVleet

Toronto Raptor Fred VanVleet’s relentless spirit and toughness on the court have helped him persevere in all aspects of his life. From the silliest $700 he’s ever spent to how he’s raising his baby daughter, “Steady Freddy” knows that lessons from his past are helping him to own his future.


STACK Stories + Maria Qamar

As Hatecopy, Maria Qamar blew up her groundbreaking brand of pop art on Instagram while smashing stereotypes. She manages her finances as creatively as she lives her life. As a multi-disciplinary freelancer with projects in progress around the world, she’s learned that money might be nice but the only currency she really cares about is creativity.


This Is RBC Video Series

Video series promoting careers and employer branding across 5 major RBC Recruitment segments: Global, Technology, Early Talent, Finance and Branch/Sales.


Solo In Splitsville

"I love my friends, and I want to keep loving them even after we go out to eat, but I usually want to murder one or more of them when the time comes to figure out how to pay the cheque. We all have different jobs, make different amounts, and are on various parts of the “I’ll just have water” to “I’ll have a sixth martini” scale of drinking preferences. Help me not murder my friends. What’s the best way to make this work better?"


Resentful Roomie

"I live with two roommates because, let’s be honest, I can’t afford to live on my own… yet! I want to be actively saving cash by sharing expenses but sometimes I feel like I end up blowing money on a shared roommate cost that should be going into my savings instead. Except for the rent, we’ve never really talked about how we’re going to pay for things we both use.. Where do I start?"


Who Wallet Where: Jordan Dyck

B.C.-based photographer, traveller and writer Jordan Dyck is always on the move in the hunt for her next great nature shot. On a mission to tell new visual stories that will inspire people to join her in the quest for adventure, she shares how she keeps her funds in check to keep her dreams on the move.


Halifax with Alexa Cude

Say Hello to Halifax. When not behind the camera, Alexa Cude is a day dreaming, dog loving, ocean exploring, road tripping coffee addict who knows the best spots to hit up the next time you’re heading east.


Hamilton with Mariah Hamilton

Is it just a coincidence that the girl who grew up in Hamilton with the last name Hamilton ended up loving the hell out of Hamilton? We think not. Mariah Hamilton shows us the hottest ways to get down in The Hammer.


STACK Shorts + Georgie Greville

Growing up all around the world gave creative director and entrepreneur Georgie Greville a uniquely non-traditional approach on how to make her art into her career. In her early days as a female writer and director she faced sexism and pay inequity head on. Now, as co-founder and brand leader at Milk Makeup, she tells us how she actively fosters female leaders, challenges outdated beauty ideals and works to inspire young creators to stand up for what they’re worth.



Director - Copy and Content

Took on a consulting director role at a Canadian FinTech start-up to create tone of voice and launch their first content/social strategy to introduce this rising brand to the market via content storytelling: • As senior copywriter, led creation of brand voice, communications and copywriting strategy. • Created and launched a dedicated content site and media publication platform. • Led full end-to-end content creation and managing editor duties for the content site, from partner/influencer id

Company: STACK Fintech

I worked there from 2/2018 until 9/2018

Senior Manager - Content and Social Media Marketing

Leading a team of social media managers and content creators, we supported Recruitment Marketing's global clients as a strategic partner providing: • Social media strategy to support needs of Recruitment Marketing's global internal partners • Creative content strategy, planning and support for all campaigns and our evergreen brand awareness ad engagement strategy • Development and leadership to a team of in-house social media marketing managers, graphic designers, and external agencies

Company: RBC

I worked there from 5/2016 until 2/2018

Manager - Social Media Marketing

• Responsible for the creation and management of Global Recruitment’s social media program: content strategy, content creation, operationalization, response and escalation, customer service integration, compliance with Enterprise social media guidelines, and archival/governance procedures. • Manage an in-house creative agency approach to create programmatic, campaign-based content for internal business partners and stakeholders. • Account and vendor management

Company: RBC

I worked there from 8/2013 until 5/2016

Senior Copywriter | Social Media Manager

• Creation, management and execution of Virgin Mobile’s social media program and content strategy. • Responsible for strategy and execution for Virgin Mobile and Virgin Festival’s Facebook fan pages, Twitter account, branded YouTube channel, Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare pages. • Drove continual follower growth Y.O.Y. across all social channels. • Creation of all social media policies including employee social media use, escalation and risk mitigation, response matrixes

Company: Virgin Mobile

I worked there from 3/2007 until 7/2013

Social Media and Creative Consultant

After Bell's full acquisition of Virgin Mobile, was seconded into a social media strategy consultant role to advise Bell on its nascent social media strategy and programs and created Bell Let's Talk Day's first social media strategy and community management program. • Consulted as part of cross-functional team to create Enterprise social media strategy for Bell Canada. • First Bell Let's Talk Community Manager and Event strategist • Managed social media support strategy for Customer Care team.

Company: Bell

I worked there from 11/2011 until 6/2013


As sole Brand Marketing Copywriter was responsible for: • All top level digital and web copy for virginmobile.ca and virginfestival.ca • Press materials for Virgin, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Festival and Virgin Unite: including press releases, key messages, backgrounders and media event info. • Retail/POS materials and branded in-store collateral. • Print, radio, TV, online, and new media materials for all Virgin Mobile-sponsored events: MMVAs, MTV Video Awards, Lady Gaga tour, Britney Spears tour

Company: Virgin Mobile

I worked there from 3/2006 until 3/2007

Content I Write