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Freelance Writer, Tech Journalist, Content Strategist, SEO Copywriting

About Me

My business card says I'm a writer, but I'm really so much more

I'm a marketing specialist, web developer, and entrepreneur. I'm a graphic designer, social media fanatic, and a tech addict. I'm an anthropologist with special knowledge in public relations. I'm a wiz at search engine optimization and career development.

People want to be moved, so it's my duty as a writer to move them. I strive to make every piece a memorable, valuable experience. 

As a content strategist, my role is to connect companies, brands, and individuals with the right audience, creating content that informs, entertains, inspires, helps with purchasing decisions, or a combination of the above. I develop content strategies—including distribution plans—using company objectives to create an information architecture, to maximize visibility, to boost traffic, and to increase revenue.

I remain open to new opportunities and making new professional connections

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My Writing Samples

How to Get More Facebook Traffic By Posting less

With so many people using Facebook, it would be natural to assume that posting more content to the social site would give your content more opportunities for users to see it. But that’s not exactly how it works.


Screen-On Time: Why Is It Important & How Can I Extend It?

How, exactly, do you gauge the performance of a smartphone’s battery? Since battery size isn’t always indicative of battery performance, we’ve had to look for some other representation. That’s where screen-on time comes into play.


Why Freelancers Should Be Thinking About Tax Season All Year Long

Whether you’re a business owner, independent professional, or a freelancer, tax season tends to be a time of year that strikes fear in the hearts of many. For freelancers in particular, tax season can be particularly stressful as the burden of keeping all the important documentation rests squarely on their own shoulders. But what if tax season doesn’t need to be so stressful? If you keep tax season at the back of your mind throughout the entire year, then tax season can be easy for freelancers.


The Future of eCommerce and Social Media

Like a digital Big Bang, the Internet exploded in the 1990s, becoming a mainstream commodity that connected people, services, products, and companies. With the subsequent advent of eCommerce and social media, countless purchases have been made and cyber-friendships have blossomed, made possible by the digital landscape of the World Wide Web. But will we see significant evolution in the worlds of eCommerce and social media between now and the not-too-distant future?


Boutique Addiction Treatment: The Difference Between Acceptable & Exceptional

Boutique treatment centers offer much more than the minimum. In fact, a boutique facility can be your sanctuary of healing, offering privacy and luxury in an intimate environment with only the highest quality treatments.


Top Free & Affordable Project Management Tools for Copywriters

Most copywriters don’t have the luxury of working on just one project at a time, so they have to be able to juggle multiple assignments at the same time. This is difficult for even the most seasoned writers, but a project management tool can make a huge difference in a copywriter’s organization, time management, and content output.



Content Writer

▻ Write high-impact content for a primarily B2B audience. ▻ Maintain working knowledge of SaaS trends. ▻ Acquire hands-on experience with many productivity and software tools for more accurate coverage.

Company: TrustRadius

I worked there from 4/2018 until now

Web Content Writer

▻ Craft compelling content for landing pages, blog posts, newsletters, email marketing campaigns, and articles. ▻ Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the latest SEO strategies and protocols. ▻ Work with clients to develop individualized content plans. ▻ Continue to hone time-management and organization skills, allowing for maximum output even when juggling multiple simultaneous projects.

Company: Stodzy Internet Marketing

I worked there from 4/2015 until now

Freelance Content Writer, Web Developer, Owner

▻ Use a service-focused business model to continue developing a writing career while offering complementary design and development services. ▻ Continue pursuing opportunities to expand client base. ▻ Develop unique content strategies and SEO protocols for every client. ▻ Remain knowledgeable of the latest SEO and marketing trends to maximize social media and search engine visibility. ▻ Maintain friendly, professional rapport with all clients and professional relations.

Company: Dane O'Leary Media

I worked there from 11/2011 until now

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