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B2B copywriter specializing in content for the HR marketplace

About Me

I am a freelance B2B copywriter specializing in writing for and about the HR marketplace. In addition to crafting engaging content, I bring more than 12 years of experience working under the HR umbrella at Starbucks Coffee to my writing. 

I value the long-term relationships I form with my clients, some of my clients have been with me for over five years. They stay with me because I am committed to delivering quality content based on an insider's perspective.

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You'll find a portfolio with links to my writing samples on my website.



Chief Copywriter

Freelance writer delivering content in a variety of formats including articles, blog posts, case studies, white papers, training materials, and technical writing. Assess, develop, and implement training content for soft skills and technical system topics. Create content marketing for HR-related topics such as organizational culture, employee engagement, rewards and recognition, health and wellness, big data, HR, #hrtech, work-life balance, and employee benefits.

Company: Liz Sheffield Copywriting

I worked there from 5/2012 until now

Training Manager

Training manager responsible for working with geographically dispersed subject matter experts, learning content designers and legal representatives in revision of workshop. Utilized gap analysis of performance and retention issues to recommend learning program; partnered with vendors to customize materials, marketed program to stakeholders and evaluated programs for launch to extended audience. Designed, developed and planned implementation of management, operations, and compliance training.

Company: Starbucks Coffee Company

I worked there from 12/2000 until 5/2012

Content I Write