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B2B E-commerce Copywriter for products & services

About Me

Tech Copywriter | E-commerce agencies, apps and integrations | Shopify | Content Marketing |

 → Increase your engagement → Attract more leads → Boost your sales → HAPPY CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE → Stronger business 🎉

 👏AREAS OF EXPERTISE → Increasing your leads and sales → Connecting SaaS & E-commerce products with end-users with compelling, high-value copy → Content Marketing → Understanding tech → Short and long-term based projects 

✨SPECIALITIES → E-Commerce products- e.g. inventory management tools → B2B & B2C Marketing products- e.g. messenger bots → E-commerce agency content marketing & copywriting 

🤔HOW? → By taking the time to deeply understand each of my client's businesses → Designing individual content marketing strategies and... ↓ 


Content marketing strategy plans 

Explainer video scripts 

Case studies 


💌Contact me to see if we are the perfect fit 💌hello@krissieclaire.co.uk 💌 Portfolio: www.krissieclaire.co.uk/my-portfolio

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Copywriter for E-commerce products & services.

Helping established tech companies and start-ups to communicate more effectively with consumers and get more leads. Specialising in Saas and e-commerce. I am an expert in simplifying technical jargon, helping your end-user to understand and engage in your service or product. 'Ohh that's what it is! Yes, I need that!' 💃 I will take the time to deeply understand your business and design a compelling, individual content marketing strategy for you and your team. You tell me your current problems

Company: Krissie Claire

I worked there from 10/2016 until now

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