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About Me

I'm a South African writer, researcher, trainer and course developer based in Europe. 

I believe I have an excellent command of English and editors and clients have often commented that I write in a distinctly clear and engaging style.

I have two Law degrees and nearly 20 years of content provision and research and development (R&D) experience in the corporate world. Therefore, I know how to do research that is in-depth and on point - and do it very well.

Professionalism, good communication and reliability are what I pride myself on. 

When I commit to a project, I deliver. And I do not make promises I know I cannot keep.

I enjoy the challenge of making words work, whatever the context. And I believe I do it very well.

I look forward to assisting you with your project needs.

Thank you.

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Science & Medicine

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Law & Politics

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Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Swiss Made - What Does It Mean?

An editorial detailing the power and prestige of the 'Swiss Made' or 'Made in Switzerland' brand in the retail of luxury watches.


Men's Watches - the Ultimate Guide to Buying a Men's Watch

As the opening to my editorial states: "ntimidating.That word best defines how buying a watch can be a nerve-racking experience for the first-time buyer of a luxury watch, or any person not that familiar with watchmaking for that matter." This article provides an in-depth but easily accessible overview of the key points to understand and bear in mind with regard to watches and horology when buying a men's watch.


The Jevons Paradox and Energy Efficiency

This is an article that I wrote for a well-respected industry magazine in South Africa and for which I was a bi-monthly contributor for four years. My column was titled 'Beyond Tomorrow' and this article explores the Jevons Paradox, which states that increased efficiency will ultimately (and counter-intuitively, hence the paradox) lead to an increased rate of consumption. First applied to coal during the Industrial Revolution, the principle is as relevant today with regard to energy efficiency.


Security Services Houston/Dallas

I wrote the content for all 47 service categories and sub-categories on this web page on the website of a security services company based in Texas.


Content I Write