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Gay Wedding & Fitness Blogger | Content Writer | Short Story Author |

About Me

I put one word in front of another occasionally adding something super-fancy like a semi-colon.

I write SEO web content but for readers as well as Google algorithms, creating content that supports businesses and brands by informing and engaging their readerships.

But it’s not as dry or as dusty as all that.

I tell stories, too.

Writing fiction has helped me become a better blogger and freelancer. Readers, customers, clients want to feel connected to the product, idea or information you’re pushing. Stories help people to relate to things and that’s as true for digital content writing as it is for fiction.

✔️I’ve been shortlisted for a UK Blog Award twice.

✔️EarHugz ranks top for its keywords on Google.

✔️The Pink Wedding Days blog is listed in Veulio’s Top 10 UK LGBTQ blogs.

✔️My short fiction has been published in Mslexia.

✔️I’ve read my work at Birmingham Literature Festival as well as at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for International Women’s Day.

✔️I have a BA (Hons) in War Studies from King’s College, London.
I’m a better writer than I am barbarian, but I do know my Frederick the Great from my Alfred.

I’ve spent 3 days in North Korea (seriously).

I’m not afraid of a challenge. I’ve trekked through the Himalayas in Nepal to Everest Base Camp and made it to the peak of Kilimanjaro.

I'm trying to learn Welsh...

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

One Day in Liverpool

It doesn't take much time to fall in love with Liverpool.


Why Do Cats Hate Car Rides?

Felines aren’t exactly known for their love of travel but why do cats hate car rides so much? Because cats aren’t as domesticated as dogs.


Angkor Wat in the Rainy Season

Guidebooks will often tell you not to go but don't listen to them. Cambodia's wet season has a lot to offer.


How Does Noise-Cancelling Work?

There are two types of noise-cancellation: passive and active. This post looks at the differences between the two and the technology behind them both.


How Long Does it Take to Make Exercise a Habit?

Comparing the gym in January to the gym in February or March will probably give you some idea of how long it takes to make exercise a habit. Longer than some people’s memberships do, for sure. And yet, probably not as long as some people might think.


Halo Sport Headphones: Neuropriming Your Workout

With the Halo Sport 2 headphones about to be released, we thought we’d take a closer look at what neuropriming your workout actually means and whether or not using neuroscience to improve your fitness and form is ethical and safe.


Running While Female

According to a survey published by Runner’s World in 2017, 43% of women have experienced harassment when running. For women under the age of 30, that number rises to 58%.


How to Make Small Talk at Weddings

Weddings can be particularly difficult as we may have to spend an extended period of time sitting and eating with complete strangers.


Should You Invite a Homophobic Relative to Your Wedding?

Let’s be realistic – there are shades of bigot. Not everyone who has an issue with same-sex marriage is a member of the Westboro Baptist Church. Most people won’t make a scene or a big deal about your nuptials even if they disapprove.


Win in the Gym: How Exercising to Music Can Boost Your Performance

Can listening to music really help you get fitter and faster?


Can I Exercise Outside During the Coronavirus Lockdown?

Missing your gym routine? You’re not alone.



What hasn’t the COVID-19 outbreak affected? We’re all adapting to new circumstances and situations as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic but for the global fitness industry, it’s been a particularly challenging time.




✔️Planned and wrote blog content on same-sex marriage and relationships in the UK and abroad. ✔️Managed social media channels 👊Shortlisted twice for a UK Blog Award (2018 and 2016) 👊Vuelio Top 10 UK LGBTQ blog

Company: Pink Wedding Days

I worked there from 2/2014 until 12/2019

Fitness Blogger

I write B2C blog content on fitness and headphones helping to drive traffic to the EarHugz E-commerce site. ✔️Research trending fitness and headphone topics ✔️Keyword Research ✔️SEO compliant content ✔️Proofreading ✔️Formatting 👊EarHugz ranks top on Google for all its major keywords.

Company: EarHugz

I worked there from 3/2018 until now

Digital Content Writer

I write and research B2B and SEO compliant news articles about climate change, clean energy and clean engineering and how a gym can reduce its carbon footprint.

Company: Energym

I worked there from 11/2019 until now

Content I Write