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Architectural Intern at Perkins Eastman

About Me

I'm an architect who also happens to love to write. From emails to proposals, to personal projects, all of my words are chosen and crafted with care. I am passionate about design, politics, and all of the intersections between the two. Urban design and development are topics I follow closely and hope to become more closely involved with in the future.

Industries I Write About


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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Ethics of Restroom Design

In light of the controversial legislation passed in North Carolina known as HB2 (aka the Bathroom Bill), I sought to research the architectural implications of the design and construction of restrooms and explored how they might be adjusted in order to appease parties from both sides of the argument.


Political Sample Writing

I am a writer for a political newsletter that publishes twice weekly now. I present my (left-leaning) opinions regarding the current news topic of the day, as does the other side. The hope is that the reader sees the contrasting opinions side by side and can better understand the situation knowing how both sides think.



Architectural Intern

Company: Perkins Eastman

I worked there from 8/2017 until now

Content I Write