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Freelance luxury lifestyle writer

About Me

Your brand is uniquely exquisite. It has a distinct voice. You need a writer who can craft unforgettable articles and showcase what sets you apart. Exceptional articles that create a lasting impression on your target market. Your customers want articles they can binge on. Content that inspires happiness and leaves them wanting more.  

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My Writing Samples

Glucosamine for joint health and repair

How to use Glucosamine to improve joint health and recover from joint injury or stress


Toyota will unveil the highly anticipated Supra at the North American International Auto Show in Jan

Preview of the Mark V Toyota Supra that will be released in January 2019


Gone In 60 Seconds: 15 Messed-Up Plot Holes That Make No Sense

An article I wrote for thethings.com that received over 50,000 views



Freelance Writer

Company: Self-Employed

I worked there from 2/2011 until now

English Teacher

Company: Ban Nonsawan School

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

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