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Improving people's lives through virtual social.

About Me

Energetic marketer, operational process geek, content writer/copy editor who understands SEO, and social media engagement strategist. 

In addition to the blog article links provided below, website copy, customer case study and sales product one-pagers available upon request. 

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My Writing Samples

What is Answer Engine Optimization

Do you know the difference between a search engine and an answer engine?


What is the Answer Economy?

What is the Answer Economy?


How Digital Freight Technologies Can Help Shippers During The COVID-19 Crisis

How do supply chains continue to function smoothly and consistently during such an unprecedented and unplanned for global crisis?


What is an Answer Funnel

What is an Answer Funnel?


Site Search in the Age of AI: Why B2B Marketers Need to Care

Site Search in the Age of AI: Why B2B Marketers Need to Care


10 Differences Between a Chatbot and a Knowledge Assistant

10 Differences Between a Chatbot and a Knowledge Assistant


Why Content Creation And SEO Belong Together

Why Content Creation And SEO Belong Together


On The Road with Loadsmart: Get to Know The Carriers Keeping America’s Shelves Stocked During The Pa

It may seem like a long time ago that we were all talking about toilet paper shortages; in reality, it was only a few months ago. And while there is no longer a toilet paper shortage, we can’t lose sight of how it made its way back to shelves across America.



Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing for early-stage AI-powered marketing technology startup.

Company: Frase, Inc.

I worked there from 11/2018 until 11/2019

Marketing Consultant

Company: www.tanyathompson.me

I worked there from 6/2016 until 11/2018

Marketing Consultant (Field and Product Marketing)

Part-time freelance work - product marketing, content/website copywriter and editor, and field marketing management.

Company: Loadsmart

I worked there from 2/2020 until now

Content I Write