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About Me

A true believer that success comes from following your passion. I have followed mine to a few places and have found the place for me. It is here - at my computer, with a cup of coffee and an inspiring view (which varies between the walls of my office, a cafe, sometimes the sea), putting into words the ideas that will help YOU get your message to the right audiences. 

If you have lots of ideas, but you just can’t get the words out in the way that you want, and you aren’t sure exactly what you should be posting on social media and when, and you are overwhelmed by how much material you have in your head and you don’t know how to best present it on your website or on your blog…

That’s where I can help you! My strength is taking ideas - ranging from complex to not even fully formed yet - and turning them into easy-to-read and engaging copy. Whether for a website, a blog post, social media posts, email campaigns - I can help you put your best work forward to enable you to gain new audience members, better engage with your followers, and grow your paying customer base. 

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Health & Wellness

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Law & Politics

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My Writing Samples

Fit Kids - Modeling Good Behavior

A short sample blog post about modeling good behavior to show kids the importance of fitness.


Getting Healthy - Finding Your Ideal Nutrition Plan

Sample article about different types of diets/nutrition plans.


Grant Request - iPad Project

A grant request for a program developing the use of iPads as a tool for children with disabilities.



Director of Resource Development

I have worked in fundraising and resource development for nonprofits in the field of disabilities for the last decade. Much of my work revolved around writing in different capacities -grant requests, program descriptions, marketing materials, etc. I honed the skill of collecting information from various sources (oral interviews, written materials and internet research) and producing quality deliverables for particular audiences.

Company: Non-Profit in Field of Disabilities

I worked there from 2/2010 until now

Content I Write