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Consulting/Think tanks/White Paper writing and editing/Content writing

About Me

I am an American living in South America. I am one class away (perpetually, thanks to the now-defunct IPFW) from earning my Master's degree in Liberal Studies. 

Combining my technical skills in various industries (rental, legal, machining, education, parenting, in-home health care, and mediation) with my writing skills to better help my clients build their business and increase their client base. Automotive, Motorcycle, Non-traditional travel (single parents with children), Parenting, Family structures and relationships, Alternative relationships, Adoption, Legal (Civil) Mediation, Real estate, Mechanical and engineering, Health care, Education, Curriculum design, Lesson planning, and many others.

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Single mom living on the edge of the jungle, working as a writer in fluent English pays our very low bills. I enjoy writing about family relationships, Sabbatarian Christianity, multiculturalism, automotive industry, safety hazards in the home and office, government regulations and the impact on daily life, healthy food, legal, insurance, travel and hospitality, residential and commercial restoration/mitigation/remediation, and many other topics.

Company: Freelance writer

I worked there from 5/2013 until now

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