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About Me

My Passion in an Outlet of Expressionhttps://www.amazon.com/author/nenatenacity
My journey in the art of writing as led me to a a range of streaming disciplines :
⦁    Article writing ⦁    Online blogs⦁    Novel⦁    Screenplays ⦁    Academic writing ⦁    E-courses
For the past twelve years, I have had many online clients through established writing sites. My key interest is content and quality with information that expands knowledge and growth. A career stage involved in research and proposal writing for television producers submitting broadcast content.
My academic writing became a key tool in support of creating content, documentary research and proposal development. Academic writing broadened my horizon.
In 2008 I produced a documentary “Dreaming the new” as well as a pilot on Madagascar on a completed 13-part docudrama series on tourism in the SADC region titled “Freeway Tours”.
My first completed feature film; “Stix and Stones” was optioned for production by Ochre media, a local production company. I was a participant the Rotterdam film festival Babylon workshop and the film is currently on the market for possible production. I have been engaged in online and academic writing for the past ten years with companies inclusive of several renowned freelance sites
The online writing sector is a great discovery for me. It serves as a great pathway for personal research in content creation and created a constant general cash flow. The other purpose of providing a service to clients is in order for them to clear obstacles within their stepping stones in personal paths of growth.

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The outlet of writing is relevant in my lifestyle and setting of gaining and building knowledge on a wide basis and expanding in the innovation of new discourses. I am willing to designate sufficient time to fulfill tasks that I am assigned to.





Company: Lifehack

I worked there from 2/2017 until 3/2018

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