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About Me

I'm a hard working and dedicated writer who enjoys the challenge of crafting high-quality pieces of work. My interests are wide and varied, going from sports to politics to reading to video games. 

When I am hired to carry out a task I always ensure that my research is of the highest quality and my writing is suited to exactly your requirements. I can write in both a formal and informal tone, whatever your needs I can accommodate them.

Industries I Write About


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Find writers and ideas in this industry

My Writing Samples

What's the difference between juuling and Vaping?

An article describing the difference between the practice of Juuling and vaping.


Drone Simulator - Which is best?

An article going through the different drone simulators that are on the market and ranking them.



Freelance Writer

I have been working as a freelance writer for over two years now and have built up a range of experience during this time.

Company: Self Employed

I worked there from 2/2016 until now

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