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Lead Solutions Architect, Author, M.E., MBA

About Me

Mainak is at present Director of GMC Consulting and Training Ltd

Mainak in the past has been an Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, advisory to CTO and has worked for clients like Betfred, HSBC, VISA, Diamond Bank, Telenor and OAG. He has architected highly transactional B2B/B2C low latency systems having complex backend integrations with other enterprise systems. Mainak has in total 18+ years of experience in leading architecture and development teams in multiple domains such as gaming, banking, travel, smart metering and telecom.

Mainak has extensive writing experience both as an academic and as a professional. He is well versed with the creation and approval of technical documents like Solution Architecture Document, High-Level Design, Specification documents. He has also helped many people write their thesis and assignments. He is IELTS band 7.5 (academic) certified.

In his spare time, he is a passionate writer, an avid guitarist and music enthusiast, and a father and a friend.

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My Writing Samples

Signal-to-Noise ratio in Solution Architecture

"Say all you have to say in at most three sentences." I was fortunate enough to experience a technique back in late 2011 from Olivier Poulard. I was there to attend a meeting which he was chairing, this was during my work with SITA. Olivier was coordinating a group of high profile suppliers to understand their problems in delivering a complex project. Olivier had a panache to himself and handled all the suppliers easily, as if it was about eating a pie...


3 pieces of confidence please

The day I could order a kg of confidence from Amazon, I would be the happiest person on this earth. It would probably be one of the best selling product on Amazon. Everyone is short of it or can do with little more. The amount of confidence that one should have is dicey, if it less, it is being under confident and if more, then it is being over confident; both are equally detrimental and are not helpful when you are faced with a challenging situation...



Solutions Architect

Architecting and managing multiple solutions for top companies over the years.

Company: Multiple

I worked there from 1/2010 until now

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