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Freelance Writer & Small Business Development and Staff Management Consultant

About Me

My most recent accomplishment was creating, and building franklingoose.com as a webstore and brick & mortar store. When I sold the company in Feb. 2016 we had grown to almost 750,000.00 per year in sales. I wrote the company blog for 9 years focusing on products, lifestyle, health, parenting and research. For 9 years I developed and oversaw our social media campaigns, our outside communications, and built relationships in the online world to develop our marketshare. 

I am an experienced travel writer for blogs and magazines as well. 

As a business writer I have experience in the IT world as a communications director responsible for all internal and external communications. I built marketing campaigns, website content, wrote white papers, headed up research teams and wrote articles for prominent industry magazines.

 As the owner of several companies I have learned how to develop, start, grow and sell a business. I am skilled at writing, content planning and creation and marketing. I have learned how to navigate the online world for business exposure, and growth.

For more information, writing samples, & photography samples please visit my website: sheribdoyle.com

Industries I Write About

Health & Wellness

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My Writing Samples

Travel Channel Lead

30seconds articles are written so they can be read within a few minutes. Each travel article is to inspire, educate, inform or expose the readers to new experiences, places, products or ideas. I generated the content, ideas and concepts in order to grow the travel page.


Tips For Investing In Real Estate

In this article potential investors learn the best reasons to invest in Real Estate. The article develops the benefits, explains the jargon and encourages potential clients to look at real estate in new ways. Each post written for Warmack Group was always done with the intention of building their brand as Real Estate partners not just agents.


Elements Of Style

Richmond Virginia is packed with incredible historic homes. This article was an in depth interview and look at an important historic home in the Fan District. My interview was the first time the home had been opened to the public in at least 50 years. My role was working with the homeowner to convince them to do the interview, then interview and dictate to the photographer which shots were necessary to support story development.


Are Digital Nomads Running Away From Life?

It was important for me to address an issue I continued to see in the travel community on Twitter and Facebook. The idea that digital nomads do not face reality but hide behind their travels. Writing in a personal way is not always easy for me, but this article touched a lot of people, helping them relate to the community and/or validate their personal choices.



Freelance Writer

The past 2 years I have been focused on Real Estate, Organic Lifestyle, Parenting, and Travel. These are my areas of expertise but certainly not my only areas of interest. I am an avid researcher and expert at content creation.

Company: Victoria Marketing & Development

I worked there from 3/2016 until now

Travel Page Lead

Writing various articles on traveling, apps, tips, hacks, places, events, ideas and experiences is only part of the job. Growing the pages contributors, contributing to social media and supporting the entire tribe all make my freelance work at 30Seconds.com rewarding and fun.

Company: 30Seconds.com

I worked there from 3/2018 until now

Business Development & Communications

Company: Victoria Marketing & Development

I worked there from 3/2016 until now

Content I Write