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In a world where Content Is King you must have solid, reliable writers to depend on. I'm one of them!

About Me

Content is king. Not just any content, though. High-quality, informative, in-depth, converting content

Through extensive research, thoughtful writing, editing, re-writing, editing, and editing again, I bring your assignments to life. The idea is not to just throw content onto your website but to create fantastic articles aimed at converting readers to customers. 

I can do this for you. Give me a shot.

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My Writing Samples

Choosing A Fitness Routine You'll Actually Stick With

Ever start an exercise routine only to quit a month later? I definitely have. In this article, I describe my experiences and the best practices for deciding on and sticking to a consistent fitness routine. A personalized routine, especially when starting out, is the best way to go. I'll tell you why.


Did You Feel Spacetime Wobble?

LIGO, or Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, has the ability to detect spacetime wobble made by gravitational waves. Black holes and neutron stars colliding millions--sometimes billions--of light-years away cause these waves that travel throughout the Universe. Using mirrors, lasers, computers, and vacuums, LIGO has found a way to "see" these events in space.


America's Opioid Crisis

A look inside America's deadly opioid crisis. Understanding how it happened, and what to do to reduce opioid overdose deaths, will help America recover.



Assistant Manager

Assisting the store manager with any and all duties pertaining to running the store. Including hiring, writing schedules, advising associates, counting money, assisting customers, and maintaining store cleanliness.

Company: Zia Record Exchange

I worked there from 5/2014 until 8/2017


Worked almost every job in the bar industry for 7 years.

Company: Maggie Mae's British Pub

I worked there from 8/2007 until 3/2014

Content Creator

Responsible for creating website and marketing content. Wrote articles and blog posts under deadline.

Company: Bling Cake Marketing

I worked there from 3/2018 until 3/2019

Content I Write